Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quirky Me?

My friend Rachel tagged me 3 days ago to write some of my quirks. I have had a really hard time thinking of some. I asked my mother and James what some were but they had a hard time thinking as well (or they were to afraid to offend me). Anyway here is what I have come up with, with a little help as well.

1- Sippy cup lids. My lids have to match the cup, it doesn't matter if its the same type of cup I strive to keep the original lid with the cup. I don't know why I do this, but for some reason it drives me nuts when the lid doesn't match the cup.

2- Loading the dishwasher. Everything has it's own place and please don't mess with it. My mother-in-law has tried to help me load the dishwasher a few times and I have to unload and reload the dirty dishes to where I feel they belong. (I love my mother-in-law and I am grateful for her help, just don't touch my dishwasher)

3- Fidgety. My hands are super fidgety. I took sign language for a few years in high school, I don't remember to much but I remember the alphabet and I find myself spelling things with my hands all the time.

4- Sleeping. I have to sleep against something. In high school I slept against the wall, in college we had beds that doubled as a couch and I wouldn't pull mine out so I could sleep against the couch cushion part. After getting married I had to be next to James and with him gone I sleep with a body pillow. I blame this on my mother for letting me sleep with her when I was a young child :)

5-Driving. I hate it! I know this is really bad, but I can't stand to drive, so I usually talk on the phone while I am driving longer distances to help break up the monotony. Don't worry when it is bad weather or traffic conditions I do get off for safety.

6- Cooking. I am a messy cook. I mean this in more ways than one. While I enjoy cooking (and I believe that I am a half way decent cook) I can't help but use every dish in the kitchen. I also barley follow the recipe and I use a lot more spices then called for, so these end up all over my counter. I am really bad at putting something away when I am done using it, so my counter is cluttered with all the different ingredients I am using. I also am not a very accurate measurer, so dumping ingredients causes more mess. This really is something I need to work on.

Okay I am now suppose to tag 6 people to write 6 of their quirks, since I know most of you won't do it (your all bums) I am going to try 3 of you. Amy, Brittany and Ashley


Rosander said...

That was funny to read.

Ashley said...

"Ashley", as in me? I know I have done something similar to this before. I'll see if I can think up more or else I'll just use that. Oh I just found it and it was random things about me, not quirky things.
But this one does have some pretty quirky things
hmm. I'll see if there is anything else. Thanks Liz.

Bonnie said...

Halfway decent cook? You're a terrific cook! Mmmmm, when are you going to visit us again? ;)

kimberlis korner said...

THAT was SO CUTE! I LOVED learning those things about you!!!
I agree with the AMAZING cook though! So, who cares if you're messy! Especially since YOU are most likely the one cleaning it up!

Brianne said...

oh my gosh! We are so alike! I was just talking to Bryan about this today because Rachel tagged me too! I have to do it and see what I can think of!! I totally get bored driving too and I always am talking to someone on the phone too. I'm the same way when it comes to cooking too!! Its still quirky even though we think the same!! very cute things to learn about you!! Thanks so much for having such a fun PARTY last night. it was sooo fun!

These Are The Days said...

I enjoyed reading that. I really can't believe you have 2 girls, it seems like just yesterday we were eating dinner at your house (when Kimball and I were just dating). You were SO young and your brothers were teasing you.

Britt said...

Sorry, I am playing catch up. I'll write my quirks but you'll have to give me a few days.