Saturday, January 31, 2009


I just thought I would let you know that the CPSIA has put a stay on the legislation for 1 year. Yaa! This means I can at least sell bows legally for another year and hopefully some changes will take place within that year that continues to let me sell bows. I am so excited about it that I am doing a give away on the bow blog, so visit it for more info. (Just look on the left of the screen for busylizzybows.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grandma Smith

My wonderful Grandma Smith passed away this morning. She was a wonderful women. She lived in Georgia so I haven't seen her very often, but all of my memories of her are filled with love, and laughter. I remember playing at her home. I remember being there with my siblings and cousins playing "eenie i over" and eating fresh berries and telling each other stories about alligators in the pond. I remember her letting my sister and I play in her cloths and jewelry and make up to make ourselves beautiful. She always spoiled us rotten and had jars of candy all over her house. My brother lived with her for a few years and she helped whip him into shape so he would go on a mission. She was always kind and full of love. She was also one of the most grateful people I have known. I love her dearly and I will miss her, but I am grateful that she is again with Grandpa Smith and other family, and her mind is fully restored to what it once was. She worked at a small newspaper as an proof reader and she was better at crossword puzzles than any one I know.
God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lily and Ruby

Lily- She is a feisty little girl. I can't believe this child some days. Yesterday we went to Mc Donald's and she stole some random girls ice cream and made a bee line to crawl up the jungle gym, sneaky little thief. She is a major tease She will act like she is going to give you something then take it away and just giggle. She climbs like you wouldn't believe. I can't take her shopping anymore because she can get out of any shopping cart no matter what I do, then runs away. Most of my shopping experiences lately have been carrying her like a football and I try to push the cart and shop, she screams bloody murder the whole time and I get plenty of dirty looks, but what can I do? But she is a pure delight. She gives the best hugs and kisses and makes me laugh so much. The following pictures are: The girls just got a new bed and Lily isn't sure where she is suppose to sleep. The bed in a trundle so the bottom pulls out and has a mattress on it as well, that is where she is supposed to sleep and part of her wants to, but part of her wants to sleep with Erin as well, then around 5 am she usually ends up in bed with me. The other is her just enjoying life. She had just finished a meal of grits and eggs and was standing up in the high chair(she is a Little Houdini) so don't mind the dirty face.
Ruby- She is our newest addition, a black Lab puppy. She is cute, but she is a handful. She is doing really well on potty training and sleeping at night, but she is very playful and hyper, this means she likes to either jump on something or chew on something and frequently both. The first picture is from when we first got her at 6 weeks. She was so cute and little and slept nearly all the time (I miss that). She is now 9 weeks.

Lily and Ruby- I can tell that these two are going to be the best of friends. They love each other so much and get along well, almost to well. Lily spoils Ruby rotten. Lily feeds her whatever she is eating, even from the same spoon (YUCK!!) She gives her whatever she wants to chew on, cloths, pillows, cups, whatever. She lets her in the house whenever Ruby cries and she is constantly playing in the dog food. (I haven't seen her but I am pretty sure by the smell of some diapers that she is eating the dog food as well.)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

CPSIA Legislation

I am sure a lot of you have already heard this, but just in case you haven't there is legislation going into effect on Feb 10th which requires all items that are intended for children under 12 that could possibly be put into their mouths to be tested for lead. While the idea of this sounds good, there are going to be strong ramifications. I have heard some refer to it as national bankrupt day. Testing is expensive! So moms who try to make a little extra cash by making hair bows bracelets blankets, clothing etc for kids will be ran out of business. When you do find them they will be extremely expensive. All toys and clothing are going to jump in price dramatically. So my advice to you is buy it now. Here are some links that will give you more info.
here here here here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crazy Crazy Life

It feels like forever since I have been on the computer. My Internet threw a MAJOR temper tantrum. So here is just a quick update.
First off I am exhausted. We got the puppy on Jan 5th and named her Ruby. I knew she would be a lot of work, but this is crazy. I really should have waited until James got home. She is cute and smart and very playful, but most of all she is work. Its like having a new born baby that has really sharp teeth, isn't wearing a diaper and can run all over the place.
Stomach flu. This is one of the worst things to have to go through and I do not wish it upon my worst enemy, especially when it is you and your two children going through it and you have a blasted puppy to take care of.
Also I have been going to my parents once a week to help my dad out with his businesses. He is an amazingly hard worker and I look up to him so much. It does look like he is going to have to go through Chemo here soon, so please keep praying for him.
Here's the best thing: I am counting down the weeks till James is home!!! 5 more weeks hip hip hooray! And when he gets home we are going to spoil ourselves and go to Hawaii.
Well that's my crazy life for now. Hopefully I will have a better update soon. Even through all this craziness I recognize the Lord blessing me and my family. I am grateful for the strength he has given me to get through this all.