Friday, January 20, 2012

The parent curse...

Yes the parent curse of I hope you have a child just like you came true for me.  Only I think she is worse, I don't remember being this bad...  What am I talking about you ask.  Well the other day I found Erin writing a note to a boy is her school class.  After reading it I believe I am going to buy a cage for her birthday and lock her in it until she is 23.  Here it is.
See what I mean????  What do I do with a child like this???
Just so you know this note "disappeared" before she could give it to anyone...

Speaking of this child look what happened to her this past week.
Silly toothless girl.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bed Time

For some reason when we tell the girls that it is time to go up stairs an go to bed they think that this is the only way to get up there.
I wonder what James is going to do when this next one comes????

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A fun party with cousins

Okay so I am late at getting to this but better late than never...right? 

So last year after the cousins gift exchange we talked about doing something else instead.  So this year I had an idea that I thought would be spectacular and threw it out to all my siblings and they all loved it.  So instead of buying presents for cousins we rented out the gym that Lily goes to gymnastic at.  It was VERY affordable and so much fun.  Each family had to chip in less than $30 for they gym and food which is cheaper than buying presents anyways.  We got the gym for 2 hours and everyone had soo much fun.  I think some of us "adults" had way more fun than we should have.  So here is a bunch of pictures.  Sorry they are all blurry but the lighting was not ideal and for some reason people would not hold still for a picture.

The favorite for sure was the foam pit.  Even Grandma couldn't resist it.

Don't worry we did other stuff too, like jump.

And play on bars

And some other stuff...

It was so much fun!  And rest assured no one was seriously injured.  Every one agreed that this was better than presents.