Monday, September 19, 2011

We are having a....

So I went in for my ultrasound last week to check this little baby out.  They are healthy and active (although measuring 2 weeks later than what we thought.)  So after receiving the news it was time to share the news. 
I was originally going to tell my family on Saturday but those plans did not work out so I went over there on Friday after my appointment.  My mom had surgery a few weeks ago and is still recovering so before I went over I went and bought her some flowers.  Then in the flowers there was a big balloon that said "Get well Soon."  And in the back of the flowers was a tiny balloon that was either pink or blue and said either "Baby Girl" or "Baby Boy" 
When my mom received the basket she was thankful and thought the flowers were lovely but she was slightly confused on while we would wait until now to give her get well flowers.  But then she spotted the balloon and was thrilled to receive the news.

On Sunday James' family came for dinner and I decided to wait and tell them then.  So I made a cake and the frosting between the layers was either pink or blue making the announcement. ( I first saw this idea on pinterest but then I saw another friend do it and I though it looked fun.)  I made James' mom close her eyes while I cut into the cake and served her a slice.  When she opened her eyes this is what she saw:
Yep we are finally having a boy.  We are all excited (it did take a moment to convince Erin to be excited though).  James is floating he is so happy.  Lily is so cute about it.  After seeing the ultrasound and knowing she is getting a brother she keeps running up and kissing my tummy and yelling into it "Hi Baby Boy!" 
So we have a whole new set of adventure in front of us and I am excited to embark or them (although I am also a little nervous.)

P.S the recipe for the cake I made is found here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend was full of fun, food and most importantly family.  On Friday and Saturday we went up to Heber Valley Camp and it was wonderful.
We did a ropes course called shark island that was really fun.

 We zip-lined or just got to swing for a minute.

 The kids played in this huge awesome sandbox.

 We canoed on the lake.
 Well I really ended up wrestling this little one for an hour because all she wanted to do was swim.

 And on Monday we had a super yummy pancake breakfast and did relay race games.