Sunday, December 28, 2008

A week of Miracles

I will begin with what Christmas is all about, Christ. This past week is the week we celebrate the birth of Christ, which is a miracle. When we think of Christ it is hard not to think of all He has done and still does for us. He blesses us still, and He helps lifts us up. I am grateful for his love and power.

Early this week my dad got really sick. He went to the ER late Sunday night in so much pain he couldn't move. The doctors believed it to be an infection in the colon, but after some more work on Tuesday they changed their minds and believed it to be cancer. Surgery was scheduled for wed, but the doctor changed the surgery date until Friday instead. From Tues-Fri was some of the hardest yet most wonderful moments I've had. I was scared. But each time I prayed I felt peace and reassurance. I was also reminded that out of our hardest trials come some of our richest blessings, so I had to go forward on faith and hope.

My family came together in a way I haven't seen before. We all worked so hard to help my dad and mom through this time (my dad owns a few small businesses and it took us all to even attempt what he does). The hours I spent with my siblings this week were happy times.
Through this time I thought about my dad more than ever. What a blessing he has been to me throughout my life. Especially this past year with James being deployed. He has helped me so much and been so willing to help me and is an amazing grandpa to my little girls ( Just earlier this month Lily threw up all over him he continued hold and love to to help her feel better.)

On Friday we fasted for my dad. When news of how the surgery went, came; we were all greatly relieved. It looked very isolated in the colon and hadn't spread (they did take some biopsy's of different organ to be sure but those have not came in yet.) They believe that they were able to remove it all and there doesn't appear to be any future of Chemo.

I couldn't help but think of all the prayers that had been said for my dad and that fast that was done. The Lord heard us and blessed us. Thank you to all who have prayed and fasted for him. And I ask you to continue to keep him in your prayers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Girl Power

First off I finishesd my biggest project for Christmas. Didn't they turn out super cute!!! Check out my bow blog here to learn how to make all of these items. Having girls is so much fun. And here's the best part: EACH SET COST ME LESS THEN $10 TO MAKE!!! What super fun gifts are you giving?

One more thing, I bought a puppy for Christmas. I am so excited. She isn't old enough to leave her mommy yet, but she is ours. She is a lab/golden retriever mix and is pure black. I need help to know what to name her. Names on the to ponder list are: Ruby, Noel, Flower, Jasmin and TinkerBell. Tell me what you think and we are always open to more suggestions.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not even a once in a life time chance.

James called me early Sunday evening (early Monday morning for him) with news. He began by telling me that he had not yet gone to bed. My immediate reaction was something bad has happened, their camp must be being attacked. Thankfully I was wrong

Here is how his night went, at 2:00 in the morning he went to a general waiting area to meet a VIP that was coming to visit (The VIP was expected to arrive at 5:00). That's all they knew, that it was a VIP. Their was some speculation on who the VIP was, but nothing for sure. So beside sitting and waiting for 3 hours they rehearsed a roll call between the Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force. And my personal favorite part is that they rehearsed cheering loudly. Yes you read that right, they rehearsed cheering loudly. (The military makes me laugh so hard sometimes!!!)

At about 5:00 A plane began to fly in.

They realized that this was no ordinary plane, it was Air Force 1. So that meant that they President of the United States was coming to visit them. He spoke to them briefly. He told them thank you for their work and sacrifice and told them to tell their families thank you for the support and sacrifice as well (The President told ME thank you!!) He shared with them some of the changes for good that have happened in the Iraqis and Afghan's lives.

He then went around and shook hands with the soldiers and spoke briefly with them. James was lucky enough to be one who shook his head. The President even rubbed James' head and told him thanks for not shaving it all off. (I won't allow him to shave it all off, ya me!)

How very lucky James was, but how very lucky we are for him and people like him who are willing to serve their country and fight for freedom. We live in a very blessed land and I am grateful for all that we have. A good friend e-mailed me a story the other day about a man who meet a marine (In a dream) on Christmas day. After a long conversation this man asked the Marine how he could support him and share his gratitude to him. The Marine answered:

'Just tell us you love us, and never forget. To fight for our rights back at home while we're gone, To stand your own watch, no matter how long. For when we come home, either standing or dead, To know you remember we fought and we bled. Is payment enough, and with that we will trust, That we mattered to you as you mattered to us.'

It is very important for us to take an active roll in our freedoms and we also need to remember to express our gratitude for those who have and are securing our freedoms. I can testify to you that God loves us and this wonderful country. He blesses us daily and he wants to bless us even more, but we need to support Him and we need to support our home.
This post has taken a turn I didn't think it would, but I feel it is important to stress that we do still live in a great land and we need to pray for our leaders and our soldiers. And we need to take an active roll in preserving our rights and freedoms as well.
God Bless America!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lost Keys

I know what you are thinking, everyone loses their keys and it's not that big of a deal. Well first they weren't my keys and second they were to the church. I am in the Relief Society presidency in my ward and i am over enrichment. they only keys given to me are to get into the church our wards closet, but between play group and exercise group I need keys for the kitchen and library as well, so the Relief Society presidents lets me use hers. Her keys have all the keys on them, including the clerks office.
So Monday I went to work out group as usual, as I was leaving my arms were full, it was staring to snow and the girls were only wearing slippers so I had to carry them as well. Tues morning when I went to the church for work out group I couldn't find the keys. I borrowed someone else's to get in and look to see if I left them in the church, nothing. I cleaned out my car looking for them, nothing. I dumped out the diaper bag, looked in and under my couches, looked through the toy box and a million other places at home, nothing.
Through the whole process I was of coarse praying to find them. Wednesday rolled around and I still hadn't found them. I still continued to pray, and I got very specific in my prayers asking if I should look in the house more, no answer. Should I look in the car more, no answer. Should I look in the church more, no answer. Are they lost for good and it's time to report it, no answer. I only felt that I needed to be patient and keep looking. By this point I was very frustrated and down hearted. I was also beginning to realize the ramifications if they were lost. All the locks in the church would have to be changed, all the ward in our building affected, all because of me.
Wednesday afternoon I was talking with and friend in the ward and she suggested we go look through the nursery toys and through the coaches at the church to see if one of the kids took off with them. So we went and searched and searched and found nothing. I was getting really sick to my stomach by this point. We loaded our kids up in our cars and as I was getting into the car I noticed something silver poking up out of the snow in the gutter. I found the keys. I was so relieved I cried. I had been to the church 3 different times looking for them and that last time I parked in the right spot to find them.
I am so grateful that the Lord hears and answers our prayers. While it felt like I was getting no answer, or very little answer, I was really getting the only answer I needed. Be patient, have faith, keep trying and trust in the Lord.
By the way, there was one casualty, a key did get bent out of shape. But that is much easier to replace then all the locks and keys for EVERYONE.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My sweet Erin

I was having a rough morning this morning and was very frustrated. I wasn't frustrated at my girls but unfortunately I was taking my frustrations out on them. Erin then so sweetly asked me to be happier and to talk happier. So I said something nicely back to her and she said "you talked happy, see don't you feel happier!" She was right I felt much better. Her sweet spirit helped me realize the importance of using happy tones.
She is such a sweet girl and helps me so much. She is so very good at bringing a smile to my face and always makes me laugh. Here are some of my favorite Erin moments:
As we pulled into the gas station" Mommy what are we doing?" "We need to get some more gas for the car." "What happened to the other gas, did it fall out as we hit bumps?"

Erin crawled out of bed shortly after putting her down for the night concerned about her monkey. I wasn't in the mood to look for it so I assured her that monkey was already asleep and didn't want to be disturbed. She informed me that he can't fall asleep because he can't close his eyes.

While cooking breakfast on a rainy morning Erin was singing "it's raining it's pouring' over and over again. The she suddenly changed the words when she looked straight at me and sang "It's raining it's pouring the old lady is cooking breakfast."

While sitting in sacrament meeting Erin asked when was it time to go to nursery. I explained to her that we needed to sing one more song and say one more prayer and then it would be time. She took this as a cue to sing, so off the top of her lungs she began singing like the little mermaid.

As I was making mac and cheese for lunch and draining the water off my hand slipped and I lost half the noodles. In frustration I exclaimed, Oh Pooh! Erin hearing this stopped what she was doing and told Lily "My mommy needs me." and she came running.
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I sure love this girl and I am so thankful for her. She is a wonderful daughter and big sister. I am the luckiest mother in the world to have her (and her sister).