Monday, April 27, 2009

Saving A Buck

It is amazing to me to see what is going on in this economy right now. I am counting my blessings and I am grateful that James has a secure job. Nonetheless the time to learn to save is yesterday! So here are some sites that I have found that I love. I would also like to here from you if you have any awesome resources to help save some money.
I have put a link to these on the right of the blog so go there.
One cheap Chick. A friend of mine had this on her blog and I think it is awesome. I like that she is in Utah so the deals are local and her job is basically to find the best deals, free stuff etc and share them with us. She has a daily free red box codes, free movie tickets, and $25 restaurant gift certificates for $10. Plus many others.
Pinching your pennies: This web site takes your weekly grocery ads and finds the best deals for you. They also combine them with coupons that you get from the Sunday paper to get you the absolute best deals. They have other forums that help you save money as well. It is a little confusing the first time you get onto it so I will give you basic instructions then you can find the rest yourself. When you get on find the "screaming deals by state" tab and click on it. Then scroll down to Utah and click. Then scroll down and you will see Albertsons, Associated Food stores/Maceys, Smiths etc.
Pandora. This one is a little silly but it is a free music site. You type in a band/song you like and it will play unlimited music similar to that.
Utah food co-op: Here you can order food at the whole sale price, they are cutting out the middle man to make prices more affordable. They just ask that you do 2 hours of community service each month.(there is also a suggested $5 membership fee) I love the co-op! They also have occasional warehouse sales that I hear are great.
Also the hair blogs often have givaways going on for cute little girl things, although I mostly look at them to find hair do's. Its a fun cheap hobby.
I hope these are helpful to you and remember I would love to hear any that you have found.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Years first BBQ

We did our first BBQ of the year this sat and I loved it!!! We have some awesome friends who are going to be moving to TX in May so we though we better have them over one last time before they are off, and we invited a few others of coarse.

Sat. was kinda a crazy day for me with dance pics and bridal showers so James did most of the work. He is such a wonderful husband. I am truly lucky to be married to him. He BBQed some fabulous ribs. Have I mentioned how lucky I am? I sure love him and I am very grateful for him.

The weather was perfect for eating outside and the kids all had a blast. I am so grateful for good friends. This group of friends are amazing. They have been such a wonderful support to me and have helped my testimony grow so much. I believe that one of the reasons the church is organized into wards is so we can get to know those who live near us and learn from them and gain wonderful friendships. Anyways I want to tell all of these wonderful people how grateful am for them and their testimonies and their friendship. You guys are amazing!This is Lily and Ethan. They are betrothed.
I love watching kids play!Luckily no one got sick form all that spinning:)

Just a side note I am also very grateful for my backyard.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Is it just me or is shopping for our little girls getting harder and harder. I had the hardest time finding a cute Easter dress with sleeves this year. Also it looks like he shorts for these girls are getting shorter and shorter. I am personally sick of it! I have mentioned to my mom a couple of times that I think she ought to go into business making modest little girl clothing ( I think she thinks I am joking but I am dead serious). So anyways I found this petition to sign and I thought I would share it with you. I am glad to see I am not the only one worried about this.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lovers Spat*

James and I are having a little lovers spat over the new blog layout. I was in desperate need of something springy and happy and this layout fulfilled that need and I love it.
James just doesn't like it. He thinks it isn't very realistic.
So tell us what you think. There is a poll on the side to vote and if you would like to elaborate on that vote just leave a comment.
(warning I am now going to ramble for a moment)
Isn't it nice to know that we can all have our own opinions and be able to voice them. I love that fact that we are all so different. I think personality is a sure sign of "Divine design". I love that we have to learn to work with people and live with people that are different than us. I do believe this is a key ingredient for perfecting ourselves. This is one of the few "tests" that we are not only tested on daily but multiple times a day. We have so many wonderful opportunities to learn this as well through parenthood/families, marriage, work, church calling etc. I know I am no where near perfect in this area, but I do realize that each person, with their personality, is one of Gods divine creations that I am here to love and learn from.

* We really are not having a spat I just liked the sound of that for the title. We just have a minor difference of opinions. James doesn't hate it he just likes other ones better and if it was really a spat I would change it in a moment because it wouldn't be worth it.