Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some Great Deals

Ok so I am going to be "one of those people" for a moment :)  Anyways I have recently discovered a site that I think is awesome.  It is called No More Rack.  It is similar to Zulily in and off they have great deals that are available for a short amount of time, but they have so much more. 
They have something for everyone.  And one of the best parts is that when you sign up you recieve an automatic $10 off (when you are reffered to sign up.) I will also get $10 off for each person I reffer that signs up.  So there are a few things that I would like to get for Christmas but I would really like $10 off:)
They have lots of items that are around the $10 range as well so really you could get something for free or dirt cheap.  Like a set of 10 gimmie clips (hairbows/flowers) is selling for $11.  That is already a steal but take $10 off and anyone with little girls would be silly not to try it:)
They have some really cute warm boots that are only $26 etc. 
Go ahead  and check them out and if you want a refferal let me know and I will e-mail you one.
 Hurry quick so we can get out stuff in time for Christmas:)