Saturday, February 25, 2012

James Van Hurst III

Yep he's here.  He is happy and handsome and healhty too.  We have decided to call him Van. 
Here is his story:
Last Friday night by the time I left the hospital with my dad (read my last post for details on that) I was having contractions 2 minutes apart.  I was pretty certain it was just my body being exhausted and stressed but we decided to go over to the hospital in which I deliver to be checked out.  After laying there for 2 hrs my body relaxed and calmed down and contractions were 8-9 minutes apart so we went home.  At that time I was dialated at a 3.
I was very glad he didn't come that weekend so I could spend the weekend with my dad and family.  My dad was released from the hospital Tuesday morning.  Now the baby could come.  All day Tuesday I kept having little signs that could be early labor signs and I questioned if my water had broken and was leaking a little bit.  By later that afternoon the signs were stronger, so I layed down for 15 min to see if my water had broken.  When I stood up there was a significant amount of leakage.  I decided to test one more time to be sure and I had the same result.  So I was pretty sure my water had broken so off to the hospital we went.  We got there and I was still at a 3 and not having regular contractions.  So they tested to see if my water had broken.  They told me the test was negative and sent me back home.  I am still in a but of shock.  I can't believe that my bladder had that much liquid in it.  Oh well I guess I lost some dignity.
Well Wednesday morning I was scheduled to be induced so in we went.  When we checked in I was dialated at a 4 1/2.  They broke my water for real (about 9:30) and my Dr mentioned that my sack was double layered so I wonder....  James and I walked around for awhile and I was having contractions about 5 min apart.  By about 12:00 I was dialated to a 5 but my contractions were still only 5 min apart.  I must admit it hadn't been that long since we started but with the week I had had, I was worn out.  So we decided to try and speed things up with pitocin.  Okay now contractions were coming rather hard and fast.  They were getting more intense with each one and I was really about to wear out.  At 2:30 I felt like I was in transition so they checked me again and I was at a 6.  I cried.  I asked for an epidural and fast please.  I got the epidural and it was fast.  They checked me again and I was at a 9 1/2.  Oh I guess I was in transition...  Oh well the edge of the pain had been taken off although the epidural hadn't fully set in.  Baby's heart rate was getting a little concerning so it was time to push and get him out.  They had me pushing non stop.  Not just with contractions because they were concerned about him.  Then they yelled at me to stop pushing.  I looked in the mirror and saw why.  The cord was wrapped around his neck twice.  Yeah I stopped pushing.  They quickly unwrapped it and then yelled at me to push again.  Two more pushes and he was out.  He looked a little blue.  He wasn't crying. but after a few seconds of rubbing his back he started to cry.  What a relief that was.  James cut the cord and they took him to clean him up etc.  His apgar was 8-9 so he was perfectly fine and healthy.  He just gave us a little scare.  He was born at 3:11.  He weighed 7 lb 15oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.
Recovery has been going very well and he has been perfect and healthy.  I have a little cold but I am doing what I can to knock it out quick.
The girls love him and I can't get Kaylee to leave  him alone.  She adores him.  She just wants to pat and kiss and hold him. 
Here are a bunch of pictures.
1st bath:

  He just peed all over dad.  Hehe

The girls visiting baby brother:

As you can tell Kaylee would not leave him alone.

Baby Van relaxing:

 Grandpa visiting Baby Van.  These two could hardly wait to meet each other.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A weekend of Miracles...

So I had it planned out perfectly, my body has been ready, I have been ready this baby was going to come Thursday night Friday morning.  Yep those were my plans, I did everything I could to get myself to go into labor.  This way the girls would miss Friday at school then wouldn't have to go back until Tuesday.  James wouldn't have to take time off while I was in the hospital only while I am at home recovering.  The plan was perfectly perfect.  I didn't go into labor and I was a bit upset about it. 
Friday afternoon my mom mentioned to me they they had two extra tickets to go see a play that night and asked if we wanted to go.  In some ways we did and in other ways we didn't it was a bit of a debate, but we decided we should get one last date night in for awhile.   So we went and we picked up my parents and went out to eat.  But our plans changed by the time we finished eating.  My mom and I were certain that my dad had just suffered a minor stroke, we said a prayer when we got back in the car for guidance on what we should do and my Mom said go to the IMC hospital.  I thought her choice of hospital odd.  My dad's cancer Dr. has worked with him at St. Marks, my dad has done stuff at the VA hospital (which we were a lot closer to at that moment as well.)  He had no ties or any reason to go to IMC.  But I didn't question her.  We got to the ER and they took him back immediately.  After a short while they sent him back to do a CT scan.  Then came back and told us there was a large amount of bleeding on his brain and they believed it to be inoperable.
Anyways a lot happened Friday night and we were told a huge gamut of possibilities which started rather dim but by the end of the night were sounding a lot more hopeful.  He did not have bleeding on his brain, he had a large tumor in the left side of the brain swelling to the right side. The swelling was so server they were afraid that it would soon effect his lungs and they would have to incubate him. They also found one more small tumor in his brain.  So Saturday a neurosurgeon came in and did surgery.  He said the tumor was the size of a lemon. (That's HUGE)  But the surgery went very well.  He is hopeful that my dad will return to 100%. Turns out the more we hear about the surgeon the more I believe that is the sole reason my mom told us to drive to the IMC, he is an amazing surgeon.  The other small tumor they are going to do radiation on and it will be outpatient services. The tumors are a result of the cancer he had a few years ago.
His recovery has been amazing!  Saturday night he was talking some and could move a little bit.  Sunday morning he asked the Dr. how the surgery went the the Dr responded, "You're sitting here asking me how it went fully aware.  How do you think it went?"  He got up and walked around Saturday.  So while he still needs lots of rest his recovery has been amazing.  So amazing that he is being released from the hospital today.  Yes 3 days after brain surgery he is coming home. 
I am so glad this baby boy decided not to come this weekend.  I needed to be somewhere else.  I am so grateful that the Lord knows what he is doing and blesses us.  I am so grateful for my family, the way I have seen us come together is something that would make any parent proud.  I am also so grateful for James' family and the support they have given us and help with watching the girls so we could be with my dad. 
I feel so blessed and grateful that I am easily overcome by emotion.  For all of you who were aware of our families situation I thank you for your prayers.  Without all the amazing love, support and prayers we have had who knows where we would be instead.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 Years...

Wow I can't believe my Erin is 7 years old.  I also can't believe how old that makes me feel:)  What an absolutely wonderful 7 years it has been though.
Erin- You never cease to amaze me.  You are beautiful inside and out.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be your mother.  Here are a few things that make you, you at 7 yrs old.
- You LOVE to read.  I have trouble getting you to put books down.  One of the hardest things about you is I will ask you to clean up and when you pick up a book to put it away the temptation is to great and you read it instead.  I really hope you keep this love for books up.
- You have a very active imagination.  You are always playing school or house and each time you have different stories and scenarios and it is so interesting to see what you come up with.  Now you just need to learn to let others share their imagination when playing too.
- You love playing the piano.  I am very impressed at how quickly you are picking up on it and how well you practice.  I know I give you a hard time, but it is only because I am so impressed and I see so much potential.
- You are so good about finding the best in people. There is no one you don't like.  Even when other kids at school tease or are mean to someone you find the good in that person and are their friend.  I admire this trait in you so much.
- You are a little hyper when you are happy or excited.  But I am afraid you come by that naturally.  It is fun to see you get excited though.
- You are a good hard worker.  I rarely have to ask or tell you to do your homework, you just do it.  This must be your daddy in you cause it certainly isn't me.
- You are a very good helper to me.  You love your sisters so much and you want to help them and do so much for them.  I sometimes have to remind you that I am their mom not you:)  But you are a very good example to them.

I love you girl and I am so glad that you will be my daughter forever.  Thank you for being you!
Love Mom

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kaylee's 2!

My sweet baby girl is two today and I can hardly believe it.  She feels like she has been a part of our family forever but it also seems like she just joined us.  What a joy she has added to our family. 
Kaylee: I want you to know how much I love you.  You certainly keep me on my toes. Here is a list of what you are all about at 2 years old.
- You are so sweet and loving.  Anytime anyone is crying or upset you take it upon you to comfort them.
- You love to play chase and you are always looking for a way to start a game of chase.
- You are a wonderful eater.  I have never seen a child love food the way you do.  And you have the belly to prove it:)
- You are active and always on the go.  You love to copy Lily when she practices gymnastics and you love to dance to any music you hear and you love to jump when you are excited (it's the cutest jump you ever did see too!)
- You are usually very quiet but when you get upset or want to be heard you can scream louder than anyone. 
- You are very curious and you don't let anything get in your way.  You have figured out how to break through child safety locks and because of you I have the # to poison control memorized.  Luckily you have been just fine each time.
- Your older sisters adore you.  Erin tried to tell me the other day that she loves you more than I do.  Ahh if only you both could understand how deep a mothers love can run.  But you will someday.
-   Your love for books is growing each day.  If you ever see anyone sitting on the floor you assume that they are simple to read you a book. 
- You are very nurturing.  Your favorite toy is a  baby doll and you love to feed, bathe, rock, and put your baby to sleep.  This is good news to me because it means you can take care of your baby along side me when I am taking care of your baby brother who will soon be with us.
- You love to color.  But my favorite thing is you color for a moment and pick your paper up to show me saying, "Pretty?"   I always assure you that it is very pretty and so you color for a moment more before asking again. 
- You give the absolute best hugs.  Nothing makes me feel better than a hug from you.
Kaylee let me just say how grateful I am for you in my life.  I love you bunches and bunches.  I look forward to watching you and teaching you and learning from you.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!
Love Mom

(I will add some pictures soon... hopefully)