Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 yrs old

Yep my little Lily turned 5 years old last month.  It is hard to believe. This year Lily's favorite thing has been bubble gum so she had a bubble gum themed birthday party.  And as usual I am to crazy before and during the party to get any decent pictures but James got a few for me.
This first picture is on her birthday where she got the one present she had been begging for.  A gumball machine.
 Here all the girls at the party are making their own pizza.
 We got a book called 'Bubble Um Bubble Gum and read it at the party.
 Just had to show you these awesome cute balloons!

We played pin the gum ball on the gumball machine.

 Here is Lily opening presents.  If you look you will notice all the girls wearing bubble gum necklaces that we made I just never got a good picture of that activity.

 Here is the table that had the party favors and game supplies etc on it.  Each girl got a mini gumball machine and the pink polka-dot bags have bracelets, bouncy balls and bubbles in them.  I figured their gumball necklaces was enough candy.
 I swear I rotated this photo but now it isn't.  Oh well here is the birthday cake.  The "gumballs" were cake balls.
 Along with the cake I made a homemade bubble gum ice cream that was really yummy.

Lily and her friends had lots of fun. And I am glad the her 5 year old birthday party is done with:)

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Britt said...

Um, wow! You go girl! I hate doing birthday parties so my kids suffer. That bubble gum stuff looks rad! (yes, I'm attempting to bring back the word "rad.")