Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2=potty, markers, and cuteness

Yep I am talking about my Kaylee today.  What a wonderful handful she is.
She is the most independent little thing ever.A few things she wont let me be involved in are: putting her shoes on, help her wipe at the potty, stir fruit into her oatmeal, and brush her teeth. She thinks she is as big as Erin is.
But she is also the cutest, sweetest little girl.  She loves to be helpful, she gives the tightest hugs and she has sweetest my innocent smile ever.
She also loves to make messes.  At least once a week she dumps all the drawers out in her room.  Nearly daily I am washing marker, crayon or chalk off the walls.  I have started putting the shampoo and soap away in high cupboards between bath time otherwise I am having to buy a new bottle every other week.
She also loves her little brother to death.  She just doesn't know how to softly show that she loves him.
 She also loves dolls and stuffed animals so much.  I frequently find her sleeping like this.
Ahh what a fun 2 year old she is.  She is definitely giving me a run for my money, but I love that little stinker more than I can express.

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