Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A late St Patty's day post

So life has been busy with 4 kids and I haven't gotten around to posting about St. Patricks day until now.  But we did celebrate and we had fun.  The night before the girls and I painted some rainbows and made a leprechaun trap.

 Sadly we did not catch one but he left us some gold chocolate and a box of lucky charms.
 We had to rush out the door that morning so I didn't get pictures of the girls wearing green, but Erin was the green police and wouldn't let us leave without everyone in green.

Then for dinner that night I made St. Patty's day soup (spinach soup) and for dessert rainbows.  The girls loved it.

Till next time...


Bonnie said...

You are such a fun mom, Liz!

Rosander said...

So fun! What a great mom you are and with 4 little ones. Way to go! And LOVE the jello! Great minds think alike! I might need that spinach soup recipe! xoxo