Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Dearest Lily:

Last week you turned 4 years old.  I can't believe that you are growing up so fast.  You have been such a joy and you have been an adventure:)  in the past 4 years I have seen more love and joy from one person than I have ever seen before.  You are so full of life.  Just about everybody notices that their is a special light in your eyes.  I am so grateful for my opportunity to be your mother.  I am certain I am learning more form you than you are from me, but I will continue to try and keep up.  Here is your top 10 list of who/what you are today.
1- You are a wonderful little gymnast.  Talent runs through you so naturally (although I am not sure where it comes from), you just need to focus, but that will come.
2- You are still the best snuggler in the family. 
3- You ask almost every day if you get to go to gymnastics or school and you can't wait for summer to be done so you can embark on these journeys again.
4- You are still struggling with speech, but you are getting better.  I am sorry it took me so long to notice you needed it, but you are so expressive in other ways I didn't notice that you were behind in speech.
5- I have a question for you.  How can I get you to go to bed?!?!?!  You have a hard time calming down for bedtime because there is just so much you want to do and see, but trust me you need your sleep (or at least I need you to sleep)
6- You want to be a princess when you grow up.  You already are a princess if you ask me.
7- Some  have wondered if you can be as beautiful as your older sister.  You seem to have taken this as a personal challenge and you have become you very own very beautiful little girl.
8- You have a massive sweet tooth :)  I think you come by it honestly enough unfortunately.  But even though all you really want is sweets you are still a remarkably good eater for a 4 year old.
9- The wheels in your head are always turning, sometimes this delights me and sometimes it frightens me.  Either way you are smart.
10- I LOVE YOU!!!!!! 
Thank you so much for being my Little Lily.  And I can't wait to see what adventures you hold in store for our family.

(Sorry I have no pics with this letter, this computer doesn't seem to like me right now)


Julie said...

Little Lily, not 'one in a million' , she is one in '1000 billion' !!!!! we sure love her and she is amazing !!!!!

Grandma Hurst said...

I knew that there was a little girl that needed to come to our family. I would dream this several times a year and wake up yearning for this little girl. So many times I would wake holding my arms out for you to come. I remember telling a friend once after having this dream that there is a little girl just waiting to come to me. I just didn't know when or how it was going to happen. When I held Lily after her daddy gave her a beautiful blessing without a doubt I knew the baby I had dream about for so my years was Lily. Now I thought for years that you were suppose to be name Hannah. Your daddy chose Lily for your name and it fit you perfectly. I love you so much sweetie. Your eyes already sometimes have so much wisdom behind them at times and sometimes I feel you can see right thru me.

Bonnie said...

I remember when Julie and Liz and Erin and Lily came for a visit 3 years ago. Lily was a snuggly one-year-old, and oh how I needed snuggles then. I loved sitting in the swing on the patio, singing to and cuddling with your Lily. I'd sing "Little precious Lily, Sweet and fresh and frilly....." She's a special one, that's for sure.
Love from
Great Aunt Bonnie