Monday, August 16, 2010

Some End Of Summer Fun

Can you believe that school is starting soon.  It seriously feels like summer just started. Well this weekend was our last weekend of summer fun as a family so we lived it up.  We did a fun and messy art project.

We went to some splash pads in SL and played.

We went to a fun new pizza place called Incredible Pizza that the girls had a blast at.
James and I also went on a double date with my brother and his wife.  We also had some friends and the missionaries over for dinner Sunday night, in which I made this cake.
Visit my craft blog for the recipe.
All in all we had a super fun weekend and we are all exhausted now.  Now I just need to do some back to school shopping and sewing.  I hope you all enjoy your last few days of summer and soak it up!!!


Bonnie said...

Fun fun! Sure, I'll live it up too. Why just today I scheduled a chiropractic appointment and a haircut! Woo-hoo! :)

Michael and Natalia said...

that is one yummy looking cake, i must say!!! what kind of messy art project were you doing?

Liz said...

natalia- we just put the foam shaving cream in pans with food coloring and the girls made colors and made designs then we carefully pushed paper onto the shaving cream and let those dry