Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I like to think that in general I am a happy person. I must admit that for the past 7ish months I haven't been myself. Well the past few weeks I have been bombarded with "hints" from my Heavenly Father that I need to be happier. It started with a nursery lesson "I can be happy". It shares a story about a little girl who notices people aren't happy so her mom tells her to start smiling and people. The little girl quickly found out that sharing a smile can help others feel happy. What a simple lesson that seems so easily forgot. A smile is such an important thing. It even helps you feel better when you are feeling down.

My calling got changed from nursery teacher to nursery music leader (This made me happy). But as I was going through the children's song book and prayerfully thinking about children's song and what ones to focus on and teach the kids one of the ones that stood out to me the most was Smiles (If you chance to meet a frown do not let it stay, quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away).

I must admit these little lesson didn't get the message though my head so it came again. High Council Sunday, and a wonderful talk about finding happiness and sharing happiness. And again the simple lesson of even when you are feeling down smile and it will make you feel better. just acting happy can help you be happy. He shared a poem that I can't remember exactly but it went something like this. "There are people who grumble when the sky is blue except for one tiny dark cloud and there are people who are joyous when the sky is dark but with one ray of light shining through. Who are you?" I really hope I can find that ray of light and hold onto it. That ray of light is the gospel and the Plan of Happiness.

Closing song in Sacrament meeting. Today While the Sun Shines. I have never paid to much attention to this song. I knew it, but I didn't know it. Well it hit me like a ton of bricks singing it Sunday. This is the way to hold onto that ray of light. Here are a few of the lines that really stuck out to me "Today while the sun shines work with a will.""Today all your duties with patience fulfill." "Call life a good gift; call the world fair." 'Today seek the treasures better than gold" "Today seek the gems that shine in the heart." "Today seek for goodness, virtue and truth, As crown of your life and the grace of your youth." 'Prepare for tomorrow by working today."

The final lesson has come through my personal scripture study. I have been reading about Ammon (I love this guy). I have on more than one occasion wished I could be as happy as him. He is so full of joy. When the men came to scatter the flocks all of the other kings servants were sorrowful and afraid, while Ammon rejoiced in the opportunity to turn to the Lord for help. When Ammon saw Alma after his mission he was so overcome with joy that he fell to the ground. After his life has been threatened numerous times and he has seen him, his brethren and those who have been converted go through much hardship, he rejoices in the many blessings the Lord have given unto them. He is defiantly a the glass is half full kind of guy. Each night as I read about him I then pray I can be more like him. I marvel at his joy, the joy that can only come through his knowledge of the Lord and His goodness.

In conclusion I would like to share with you some of Richard G. Scotts thoughts on happiness from his talk "Full Conversion brings happiness."
"Your happiness now and forever is conditioned on your degree of conversion and the transformation that it brings to your life."
"True conversion yields the fruit of enduring happiness that can be enjoyed even when the world is in turmoil and most are anything but happy."

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Bonnie said...

Yay, Liz, you've found one of the big secrets of life, and that makes me happy, no, happier! I'll just add the title of a book I heard about, never read though, but believe, "happiness is a choice."