Friday, January 8, 2010

Cooking with the Girls

If you read my last post you will already know that for Christmas the girls got some children's cookbooks and we all got matching aprons. I thought this was a perfect present for them for many reasons 1- I believe when children participate in cooking they eat better. 2- I see so many people who don't know how to cook any more, and I don't want my children to fall into that category (my dad just had to teach a 10 yr old how to make ramean noodles and I think that's a little sad). 3- Cooking dinner seems to be when my children want the most attention from me so this way I can give them the attention but still accomplish dinner. There are other reason as well, but these are some of the main ones.
We have made a few recipes since Christmas and the girls have loved it. Even James has pulled out their cookbooks and cooked with them. So the other night I decided to do the first dinner with them. So I went to their Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook and picked something out. This is a fun cookbook that Erin loves (mostly because it's just like mommy's). The chosen recipe was "Totally Awesome Tortellini Alfredo" You just gotta love the name.
The girls patiently watched me do some prep work like cut the broccoli etc.

They then got to work. Erin was an awesome stirrer. This was hard for me because stoves are hot. I have taught her that and I reminded her again and told her how important it was that she didn't touch the stove etc. Than I had to hush up the paranoid parent in me and let her go.

Lily even took a turn at stirring while Erin ground some fresh pepper into the pot.
Lily topped it generously with Parmesan cheese

Lily was also in charge of setting the table. She loves to set the table and this is her job at nearly every meal. Of course she doesn't do it "properly" just yet, but she does a good job.
They were pretty pleased with themselves when all was said and done. Erin ate her whole dinner without complaint and Lily ate most of hers (I do believe I accidentally put to much on her plate so it was really my fault). The experience went over quit well if I do say so myself. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I nailed this Christmas present and the whole family agrees.


Michael and Natalia said...

Agree with everything 100%! Mine eat so much better when we cook together. They tend to be a little TOO helpful, but I try to stay patient and encouraging. After all, we are together and being productive :) Great job on that dinner, too - it looks yummy and healthy!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

McKenzie said...

how fun. your such a great mom. holy cow, erin looks just like you! i never realized that until the last picture on this post! sounds like i need to grab that cookbook.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Yum ! that does look good and you are such a good Mom to be teaching such good things to your girls , you are spending some real quality time with them, I am proud of you !!!!! Love Ya!!! MomaB

Addy Baird said...

Liz! Girls! Hi! It's Addy*. Everything is so cute! I miss seeing you all more often!

Katheryn Wiederhold said...

*Liz* I love reading your blog. You have great pictures and your kids are adorable. What a fun mom you are. Love you