Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful Christmas we have had. I do love the holidays and spending time with family. I can't help think back to last Christmas when my father was diagnosed with cancer and what a hard yet special Christmas that was. This year it makes me grateful for all we have and reminds me of the miracles that we have seen this year. Family means so much to me and I am grateful for them. I think my dad really wanted to make some good memories this Christmas to make up for last year so he dressed up and on Christmas eve the girls had a special visitor come by.
He sure was cute. Lily wasn't sure what to think of this. But Erin sure did. Erin was so excited she literally didn't stop bouncing. Santa showed up when Erin was cleaning up her room (because we all know Santa wont leave you presents if you room is messy right). So Erin had to show Santa that she was cleaning her room, and then she had to tell Santa about uncle Seth painting her room pink for her and show Santa her teddy bear Pinky that she sleeps with.
Erin didn't stop there she also told Santa that Mommy and Daddy's room wasn't clean. She invited Santa to her birthday party in Feb. She showed Santa her favorite toys and told Santa all about Rudolf (when Santa left she wanted to go outside with him to see Rudolf I told her reindeer were invisible during the day).

Erin didn't stop talking. Lily was never sure what to think, she wasn't afraid of him but she didn't really warm up to him either. At least Erin had Santa, Mommy and Daddy all in hysterical laughter by the end of the visit.

Of course Santa did visit us again later that night.

For how excited Erin was the night before her first Christmas reaction was funny. She crawled into bed with us about 6:30 and we told her good morning and Merry Christmas. I then asked her if she thought Santa had come last night. She grunted back at me. James asked if she wanted to run down stairs and peek, She replied she just wanted to go back to sleep. I then told her it was Christmas morning and I was sure Santa had come, didn't she want to go see. She replied, It's not morning, it's still dark outside. Oh that made me laugh. We finally convinced her to get up and then there was no stopping her for the rest of the day.

I am not sure what Santa was thinking but her gave Erin Sea Monkeys in her stocking ( I think he got it mixed up and they were really supposed to be in daddy's stocking.)

Lily got a big bouncy ball that was glittery in her stocking and I think she would have been happy and content with that the rest of the day.

Last year we started a new Christmas tradition. Christ was given 3 gifts at his birth so why do we need any more? So our girls get three presents and a stocking. 2 of the presents and the stocking are from Santa and one present from mom and dad.

Both girls got scooters from Santa. Lily is a toddler one and packaged a bit differently so it just had a big bow on it and not wrapped. Erin thought for sure it was hers, but when she realized it was Lily's she was sad and asked Lily if she would share. All along we were trying to convince Erin to open her present, but she just couldn't get over it. She finally opened her scooter though and forgot all about Lil's.

Erin also received a cup cake maker from Santa and Lily got a baby doll set.

From mom and dad the girls got some children's cook books and I made matching aprons for us all.

After this the day got to crazy and I didn't take any more pictures. But we first went to my parents for the traditional Christmas breakfast which is utterly delightful. We eat yummy food (omelets and all sorts of sweet breads and fruit). We play games and open some presents. It is good fun. Later we went to James' parents where we opened presents ate a yummy dinner and played games.
By the end of the day we were all stuffed and spoiled and had no complaints. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas as well.
Oh and Happy New Year!


Bonnie said...

Christmas, family, the gospel, and good health. So much to be grateful for! Happy New Year, Liz and family.

Andrea said...

I can't believe that you were trying to talk Erin into getting up at 6:30 am! I would have been more than thrilled to sleep in a little longer. I LOVE the aprons. Very adorable. I am glad you had a good holiday.

Katheryn Wiederhold said...

I love your matching aprons. So cute! Looks like a fun Christmas!

Britt said...

I can't believe you're disciplined enough to get the kids only 3 presents each. If I tried that, Spencer would buy more saying that 3 was my idea, not his. The girls look so cute and I love the aprons!

McKenzie said...

I do the same thing. I can hardly wait till 6:30 then I'm making noise and doing anything I can to wake someone up. I can't wait to see what santa left. ;D

Rosander said...

I tried to get my kids (and husband) up early, but they would have non of it! Party poopers! Looks and sounds like an amazing christmas!

Michael and Natalia said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. I especially loved the picture of you with the girls in your matching aprons (I was dying to see your pregnant belly). You look so cute! Keep posting lots of pictures and enjoy your pregnancy!!!

JeremyandMichelleB said...

OMG, those aprons are SO CUTE!!!