Monday, April 20, 2009

Years first BBQ

We did our first BBQ of the year this sat and I loved it!!! We have some awesome friends who are going to be moving to TX in May so we though we better have them over one last time before they are off, and we invited a few others of coarse.

Sat. was kinda a crazy day for me with dance pics and bridal showers so James did most of the work. He is such a wonderful husband. I am truly lucky to be married to him. He BBQed some fabulous ribs. Have I mentioned how lucky I am? I sure love him and I am very grateful for him.

The weather was perfect for eating outside and the kids all had a blast. I am so grateful for good friends. This group of friends are amazing. They have been such a wonderful support to me and have helped my testimony grow so much. I believe that one of the reasons the church is organized into wards is so we can get to know those who live near us and learn from them and gain wonderful friendships. Anyways I want to tell all of these wonderful people how grateful am for them and their testimonies and their friendship. You guys are amazing!This is Lily and Ethan. They are betrothed.
I love watching kids play!Luckily no one got sick form all that spinning:)

Just a side note I am also very grateful for my backyard.


Brianne said...

how fun liz!! Wow thats awesome that James cooked up some ribs!! Mayley and Hunter love playing with all of your kids. We definently need to do one again. We ended up going to an Oakcrest BBQ up in taylorsville. Thanks for always inviting me to things! You are wonderful!

Bonnie said...

Hey, we're free next Saturday if you and James want to crank up the old grill one more time!

Eggett Family said...

yes it was way fun... Thanks for having us over! the food was delicious. I am so grateful for your friendship and all that you teach me.

Ashley said...

You do have a fun backyard! How awesome and lucky and good job. Sounds like you guys are great hosts too!

Ashley said...

P.S. I love the new blog design.