Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mess Maker

When the girls make messes I frequently sing to them "Mess maker" (to the tune of match maker from fiddler on the roof). I decided today I need to stop because Lily is really trying to live up to that. The first experience that made me question was 1 week ago during my Relief Society meetings. Since James isn't around to watch the girls we do the meetings at my home. I really try to have my home clean for this and it usually is pretty good. Well last week by the time the meeting was done my home was messier then it was before the day began. Coloring book pages ripped out and thrown everywhere, crayons and pencils dumped throughout the house (for some reason I thought coloring would keep the girls entertained). Stuff from my kitchen drawers scattered around. Not to mention the normal mess of toys strewn about. And to top it off, Lily was being really mean and naughty so I put her in her room for a time out. Their door doesn't close all the way so I have a hook on the top to lock it and I had locked it. Well Erin felt bad for her so she pushed on the door until she ripped the hook out of the wall. I was so frustrated and tired and thought that was the worst.

NEVER EVER EVER think something is the worst!!!!

While Erin was a school today I decided to hop in the shower, I gave Lily a little snack and turned on the TV thinking it would buy me 10min. At the end of the 10 min this is what I found.

Just in case you are not sure what you are looking at, it is a mixture of lipstick, red marker and black marker all over everything! I didn't even take pictures of the carpet or couch and multiple toys!!! (by the way any suggestions of how to black marker out of couches and lipstick out of carpet?)
Every time I turn around today I am finding it on something else. So much for the laundry and bathrooms that I had planned today.


Jaxon said...

Liz, so sorry that happened...what a pain. I wish I could help but it's kind of hard from AZ. Good luck, if I find anything that takes out those things I'll let you know. :)

These Are The Days said...

Oops, Jaxon was still signed in.

Britt said...

Magic Eraser. I use it on EVERYTHING! It's magic. :)