Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10ish Days!!!!

Yes that is right. James will be home in approximately 10 days, I can't believe it myself. This most certainly has been an interesting year. I have learned a lot and my faith and testimony have grown immensely. I am grateful for the learning experiences I have had.
The funny thing is, this last month has been by far the hardest month ever!!! I think it is because I knew it was getting close for James to come home so I stopped relying on the Lord as much. (I know really stupid of me). So I have had to relearn to rely on the Lord which seems funny because that is what this whole year has been about. I guess my point is that we can not make it through life successfully without the Lords help at all times, the good and bad, hard and easy, ups and downs... you get the point. I am so grateful for his love and care and help. His support to me has been vital. I just hope that I don't "forget" this lesson next month and have to relearn it again.
But for now I would like to say Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support in mine and all others serving/supporting the military behalf's.. They have not gone unfelt. They have been needed and will still be needed for those still out there.


Rosander said...

Oh YEA! I am a lot the same way. I rely completely on the Lord and then I think, I'm doing so well, so I focus more on my own strength, and it's always humbling! I love you and thing you are incredible that you do all you do and have gone though all you have and you still have this happy disposition and I really look up to you! I hope you know that.

Bonnie said...

Hurray! I just got the news that the guys are on American soil now!!! So happy for you, and for them!

Natalie said...

We are so excited for you! Although its super fun, I'm sure it will be a an interesting transition that you will still need to rely on the Lord for. Isn't it amazing that this is a lesson we constantly have to relearn... I KNOW I DO! Sure love you! I'm giddy for you!

Britt said...

!!!!!! That's fantastic! I bet James will get the best welcome home --- ever!