Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lost Keys

I know what you are thinking, everyone loses their keys and it's not that big of a deal. Well first they weren't my keys and second they were to the church. I am in the Relief Society presidency in my ward and i am over enrichment. they only keys given to me are to get into the church our wards closet, but between play group and exercise group I need keys for the kitchen and library as well, so the Relief Society presidents lets me use hers. Her keys have all the keys on them, including the clerks office.
So Monday I went to work out group as usual, as I was leaving my arms were full, it was staring to snow and the girls were only wearing slippers so I had to carry them as well. Tues morning when I went to the church for work out group I couldn't find the keys. I borrowed someone else's to get in and look to see if I left them in the church, nothing. I cleaned out my car looking for them, nothing. I dumped out the diaper bag, looked in and under my couches, looked through the toy box and a million other places at home, nothing.
Through the whole process I was of coarse praying to find them. Wednesday rolled around and I still hadn't found them. I still continued to pray, and I got very specific in my prayers asking if I should look in the house more, no answer. Should I look in the car more, no answer. Should I look in the church more, no answer. Are they lost for good and it's time to report it, no answer. I only felt that I needed to be patient and keep looking. By this point I was very frustrated and down hearted. I was also beginning to realize the ramifications if they were lost. All the locks in the church would have to be changed, all the ward in our building affected, all because of me.
Wednesday afternoon I was talking with and friend in the ward and she suggested we go look through the nursery toys and through the coaches at the church to see if one of the kids took off with them. So we went and searched and searched and found nothing. I was getting really sick to my stomach by this point. We loaded our kids up in our cars and as I was getting into the car I noticed something silver poking up out of the snow in the gutter. I found the keys. I was so relieved I cried. I had been to the church 3 different times looking for them and that last time I parked in the right spot to find them.
I am so grateful that the Lord hears and answers our prayers. While it felt like I was getting no answer, or very little answer, I was really getting the only answer I needed. Be patient, have faith, keep trying and trust in the Lord.
By the way, there was one casualty, a key did get bent out of shape. But that is much easier to replace then all the locks and keys for EVERYONE.


These Are The Days said...

Oh that's a great story. It stinks when things like that happen. Way to be patient and faithful!

Bonnie said...

My blood pressure was sky rocketing as I read through this post. Whew, I'm glad it came down at the end because you found the lost keys!!!!!! (Is that enough !!!!!!) :)

Rosander said...

I'm so glad that you found them! It's amazing when you get that confirmation that your prayers are heard and answered!

McKenzie said...

I hate that. What a good story with a fantastic ending and a great lesson. Thanks for sharing it.

Britt said...

Wow! So glad you found the keys. Maybe you could help locate Spencer's sunglasses. Lucy took off with them one day and 10 minutes later they were gone. It's been 2 weeks and I still can't find them. There goes a good pair Oakleys. :)

Britt said...

Never mind about the glasses. We found them in a random spot in Lucy's room along with other missing toys. She's been sneaky!