Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Beach

So at the end of Sept. we took a family vacation to Disney Land.  It was amazing and wonderful and awesome.  We arrived in California Sat. night along with James' mom and dad.  So on Sunday after church and naps we decided to head over to the beach.  Karen (James' mom) had never been to the beach before and neither had any of our children.  We had lots of fun.
Erin and Lily loved splashing and having the waves push them around (as long as they had someone to hold on to at least.)
There is an extra little girl in a lot of the pictures, this is because Lily was her true self and became fast friends with another little girl their.

Grandpa Jim LOVED the beach.  I have never seen him have so much fun.  Grandma on the other hand didn't really love the ocean.
 Van didn't really like the water either.  But he did enjoy eating as much sand as he could.
 Kaylee didn't love the water but she did love chasing the seagulls. 
 When she got close enough they would fly away and the she would out her hand to her mouth and say uh oh.  It was darling.
We had a fun time and while we all enjoyed something different we all enjoyed ourselves.

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