Friday, September 21, 2012

Some Random Fun and Silly

I am playing catch up again... So my first catch up is just some random fun or silly moments from the past few months.
First here is a video of Van playing with his favorite toy.  A package of wet wipes.  I think it must be the crinkle sound. (of course before I started videoing he wass really talking and singing)
Now another Silly Van.  Remember the mustache post from awhile back... Well we got another one and this time we got some really big laughs.
Here is my Kaylee monkey.  She got into my pretty new powder foundation one day and used it all.  Isn't she lovely...

I always love these moments.  And I love that my bed looks like this most sautrday mornings.
One last fun thing is we had fun cousins sleep over. 

We sure love having fun together and being silly!

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