Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kaylee's 2!

My sweet baby girl is two today and I can hardly believe it.  She feels like she has been a part of our family forever but it also seems like she just joined us.  What a joy she has added to our family. 
Kaylee: I want you to know how much I love you.  You certainly keep me on my toes. Here is a list of what you are all about at 2 years old.
- You are so sweet and loving.  Anytime anyone is crying or upset you take it upon you to comfort them.
- You love to play chase and you are always looking for a way to start a game of chase.
- You are a wonderful eater.  I have never seen a child love food the way you do.  And you have the belly to prove it:)
- You are active and always on the go.  You love to copy Lily when she practices gymnastics and you love to dance to any music you hear and you love to jump when you are excited (it's the cutest jump you ever did see too!)
- You are usually very quiet but when you get upset or want to be heard you can scream louder than anyone. 
- You are very curious and you don't let anything get in your way.  You have figured out how to break through child safety locks and because of you I have the # to poison control memorized.  Luckily you have been just fine each time.
- Your older sisters adore you.  Erin tried to tell me the other day that she loves you more than I do.  Ahh if only you both could understand how deep a mothers love can run.  But you will someday.
-   Your love for books is growing each day.  If you ever see anyone sitting on the floor you assume that they are simple to read you a book. 
- You are very nurturing.  Your favorite toy is a  baby doll and you love to feed, bathe, rock, and put your baby to sleep.  This is good news to me because it means you can take care of your baby along side me when I am taking care of your baby brother who will soon be with us.
- You love to color.  But my favorite thing is you color for a moment and pick your paper up to show me saying, "Pretty?"   I always assure you that it is very pretty and so you color for a moment more before asking again. 
- You give the absolute best hugs.  Nothing makes me feel better than a hug from you.
Kaylee let me just say how grateful I am for you in my life.  I love you bunches and bunches.  I look forward to watching you and teaching you and learning from you.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!
Love Mom

(I will add some pictures soon... hopefully)


Julie said...

I add a Big AMEN to all that !!!! Sweet Kaylee you are a very special joy to all of us !!! WE love you bunches and bunches and Happy Happy Birthday to you sweetheart !!!!

Bonnie said...

Happy birthday, Kaylee! It's a distant cousin's birthday today, too, - Sophia in AZ is 5.