Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 Years...

Wow I can't believe my Erin is 7 years old.  I also can't believe how old that makes me feel:)  What an absolutely wonderful 7 years it has been though.
Erin- You never cease to amaze me.  You are beautiful inside and out.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be your mother.  Here are a few things that make you, you at 7 yrs old.
- You LOVE to read.  I have trouble getting you to put books down.  One of the hardest things about you is I will ask you to clean up and when you pick up a book to put it away the temptation is to great and you read it instead.  I really hope you keep this love for books up.
- You have a very active imagination.  You are always playing school or house and each time you have different stories and scenarios and it is so interesting to see what you come up with.  Now you just need to learn to let others share their imagination when playing too.
- You love playing the piano.  I am very impressed at how quickly you are picking up on it and how well you practice.  I know I give you a hard time, but it is only because I am so impressed and I see so much potential.
- You are so good about finding the best in people. There is no one you don't like.  Even when other kids at school tease or are mean to someone you find the good in that person and are their friend.  I admire this trait in you so much.
- You are a little hyper when you are happy or excited.  But I am afraid you come by that naturally.  It is fun to see you get excited though.
- You are a good hard worker.  I rarely have to ask or tell you to do your homework, you just do it.  This must be your daddy in you cause it certainly isn't me.
- You are a very good helper to me.  You love your sisters so much and you want to help them and do so much for them.  I sometimes have to remind you that I am their mom not you:)  But you are a very good example to them.

I love you girl and I am so glad that you will be my daughter forever.  Thank you for being you!
Love Mom

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Bonnie said...

Happy birthday, lovable, huggable Erin!