Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October happenings

I have been bad at posting lately.  I have a bunch of photos and things to share so I am just going to power forward (are you ready?)
So one of Kaylee's favorite games is trying to dress herself.  This day she found a pair of daddy's socks and decided she wanted them.  I mainly took this picture just to show James when he got home later from work that day.  But then I showed it to him and Kaylee saw me show it to him, so she decided to go find the sock and put them on again.  Silly baby.
With the cooler weather my girls have had a hard time waking up.  I finally got them out of bed one day and they came down stairs.  A minute later I found them like this.
I had Erin and Lily doing some chores one day (washing walls and fun things like that.)  Well Kaylee thought it looked fun and she decided to help them.
Another Kaylee picture (sorry but she is just at that age where she cracks me up.)  I made some jello worms for a neighborhood Halloween party.  They ended up looking really real and I had some left overs because some people couldn't even try them.  Kaylee was very pleased with the left overs.
We got to our local pumpkin patch early this October and it was wonderful, great weather, great pumpkins and the girls had a blast.
And finally Halloween costumes. Erin wanted to be a bat and Lily was changing her mind every day.  Than Erin saw a picture of a 'baterina" and wanted to be that. Lily loved the idea and decided she wanted to be that as well.  I wasn't in the mood for exact matching costumes so I convinced Lily to be a ghost ballerina instead and then we finished it off with Kaylee being a pumpkin ballerina.  They turned out super cute.

I hope you all had a great Halloween.  Now that it is November it is time to think of Thanksgiving.  If you want to join in our family tradition check out my craft blog for more details.

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Andrea said...

I LOVE the costumes. They turned out fantastic. I like how they were different but all coordinated. You are so clever.