Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Ultrasound Pics of our Baby Boy

So at my first ultrasound this baby boy was measuring 2 weeks later (it has happened with all my babies thus far.)  The good part about that is I get to go in for a second ultrasound. So today we went at did that.  His measurements give him the same due date as the last ultrasound so he is growing good and healthy.  This officially puts my due date as Feb 29th.  The thought of this excites James very much.  Today the lady gave us a disc with pictures which is kinda fun so I am going to share some of them with you.
Here is a typical cute profile shot.

He is most definitely a boy.

I love cute baby feet :)

 They did some 3D images.  At first these were harder for me than a typical ultrasound but after a moment they were perfectly  clear.  If you have a hard time I will explain this one a bit to you than you should see it clear and have no problem with the rest.  Both his arms are tucked up one covering his ear and the other covering an eye.  But you see one eye, his nose and his mouth all cute and snuggled up.
 Similar to the first one but we see his little ear in this one.
 He put his arms down for this one and tucked his chin in.
I am so excited for a baby boy.  Every thing looks great and healthy.  I am amazed at all the things they could see and tell.  His feet look great (my side of the family tends to have messed up feet), He doesn't have a cleft lipped (James' side).  All 4 chambers of the heart are beautiful and healthy.  He just looks perfect.


Ashley said...

How fun! I can not believe how much the last one actually looks like James. How crazy! A little James will soon be here!

Rosander said...

R YOU KIDDING ME? I'm so excited for you! That is fun. Not that I don't love girls... Hi! We have all girls. But how fun to get a boy! Congrats! I'm so trilled for you!