Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Hunts...

On Friday we started are Easter celebrations by hosting a hunt for our family at our home.  Unfortunately I was to busy hosting to get pics of all the cute kids running around finding eggs, playing in the sand box (which was mostly the older boys) and tossing balls throughout the yard.  But is was a fun celebration.  Normally I would then do the Easter Bunny to our home on sat, but I was to tired Friday night to 'hop' around.  So Sunday morning the girls searched for their Easter baskets around the house.
I had to entice Kalyee to go to her basket by putting a bottle of milk in it.  She got the bottle and was done.

Lily needed some assistance to reach hers.
And Erin had to go digging through a corner full of blankets to get hers.
After church and naps we went out and found the eggs the Easter bunny left.
Erin was very meticulous in her searching.
Lily literally ran the whole time from egg to egg.
Kaylee picked up 2 (one for each hand) and was happy to sit there and shake them.
Then Kaylee got one of them to open.
Erin was very happy with her find.
And Lily made out like a bandit.
It was a fun Easter for the girls.  And I am very grateful for the thoughts of life and beauty that come with Easter.  I am grateful for my Savior who knows me personally and has made it possible for me to live with my beautiful family for eternity.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well.


Bonnie said...

We did have a wonderful time! I wish someone was around to take a picture of the Easter dish garden I made, so I could share it. Guess I'll just write a few thousand words about it. :)

Andrea said...

Those are beautiful dresses. The dresses are one of my favorite things about Easter.

The Maez Mommy said...

Did you sew the dresses?? Your girls are SO CUTE!!

Liz said...

LeAdelle- thanks I did make them. You can check out my craft blog for more info on them.