Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Dinner

I have never really "celebrated" April Fools day.  I find the line between mean and funny too thin and I just haven't dared it with my children.  But then I saw this idea of making dinner silly and I thought that, that was a perfect way for our young family to celebrate so this is what we did.
I made up these "menu's" for everybody.  But instead of food there were pictures to circle.  We circled 3 items for our appetizer, 4 items for dinner and 2 items for dessert.  And I had a master list of what each character stood for.
Snow White= fork
Mickey Mouse= spoon
Tinkerbell= knife
Goofy= bread
Sleeping Beauty= juice (I made the kool-aid that is clear and looked like water)
Rapunzel= pasta
Tigger= chicken
Mini Mouse= water
Bambi= napkin
Lady= dessert (a box of chocolates)
Ariel= carrots
Cinderella= broccoli

I gave everyone their menus (I let them help with mine so I couldn't cheat) and we ate.
Appetizers looked like this
Dad: bread, pasta and a napkin
Erin: spoon, pasta and carrots
Lily: juice, carrots and broccoli
Mom: spoon, water and pasta

Dad was a trooper using his bread to eat his pasta.  Lily dug right in using her hands.
Main course:
Dad:  fork, juice, chicken and broccoli (he was happy to get water but then surprised when he tasted it hehe)
Erin: knife, bread, water and broccoli
Lily: pasta, chicken, water and napkin
Mom: spoon, napkin, dessert and carrots
Not to bad.

Dad: water and a knife
Erin: fork and a napkin
Lily: spoon and a fork
Mom: knife and bread
Some people were not very happy about their dessert.
We all got a good giggle though.  At the end I let every one have dessert.

It was a fun dinner and I think we will have to make it a tradition.


Bonnie said...

Fun dinner, Liz!

Michael and Natalia said...

Super fun idea!!! Thanks for sharing!