Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Erin's birthday party

So I am a slacker.  Whats new?  Anyways here are  a bunch of pics from Erin's birthday party.  We started off by decorating fairy wands.  I just bought some dowels and glittery foam and sticker and ribbon and bright shiny pip cleaners and let the girls go to town.  They loved it.  Then we played pin the wings on the fairy.  Unfortunately I didn't get pic's of these two things because I am crazy and was trying to run a birthday party.  Thankfully my mom caught on to my craziness and grabbed the camera and started taking pictures after that.
Next we opened a present from TinkerBell to all the girls and it looked like this.  The poem says: "Here's a gift from tink to you..Make sure the things you do...Then pass it on to a friend thats new."
 So basically one of the girls unwrapped the present only to find more wrapping paper and another note from tinkerbell. (those fairy's are tricky)  They would have to do different tasks before they could go on like clap their hands and say I believe in fairy;s, or fly like a fairy or sing twinkle twinkle little star.  the girls loved the game.  (It had a little nail polish in it for each girl to put in her goody bag.)

 Then we did birthday cake.  Decorating the cake was a fiasco, but in the end it turned out fairly cute.

 Then it was present time with a good old bump on the head.
Anyways Erin had tons of fun as did all the little girls.    I only wish I would have ended 1/2 and hour earlier. 


Trilea said...

This is so cute, way to go Liz! I am so sad health didn't allow us to go this year : (.

Andrea said...

Your parties are always so cute and so fun. I think the cake looked awesome.