Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Today my little baby girl is 1!  I kinda don't want to believe it.  She is growing up too fast.  She has been an absolutely delightful baby.  One could not wish for anything better.  Her smiles and giggles light up a room and any one near her.  She squeals with delight at almost every little thing.  She is my biggest mama's girl yet, but is still really easy going about other people. I truly can't imagine life with out her. 
Kaylee here is what you are all about on your first birthday:
1- You have no teeth.  Yep your sisters were both late teethers but you have them beat.  When will you get a tooth?  I don't know?
2- You are not walking just yet but you sure are close.  But I am defiantly not encouraging you to much to walk :)
3- Your favorite foods are: black beans, bananas, pancakes and yogurt.  Although you really love just about anything you can stick in your mouth.
4- You LOVE to take a bath.  You splash around in there like its no ones business.  I think I might have a heart attack watching you play in the bath.  And if the bathroom door is left open you will crawl into the bath tub by yourself.
5- You are saying Mama, Dada and Baba (bottle).  But as I mentioned earlier you mostly just squeal with delight.
6- You love to play chase.  Especially while I am changing your diaper.
7- You love to give kisses, that or you are trying to eat my face :)
8- You are an explorer.  I can't keep track of where you go. I frequently find you playing on your sisters bed (you climb up by yourself), in the bath tub, downstairs by the basement door or getting into the cupboard under my bathroom sink. 
9- You love to make the "motor boat" sound with your lips.
10- Most importantly  YOU ARE LOVED BY EVERYONE!

She really is the most delightful baby.  We celebrated her birthday this past Sunday with family and she loved it. 
Here she is ready to eat.
 Her cupcake
 She wants to eat it, we want her to blow out the candle...s
 Now she's eating it...
 And she loves it!

 Present time.
 Well lets just say that opening presents was chaos :)
But we all had a great time and Kaylee sure loved everything!


Natalie said...

Wow! She's one! Crazy. Looks fun.

Britt said...

After my first kids first birthday we decided only grandparents would be invited because of the chaos! She sure looks cute. Happy B-day!

Michael and Natalia said...

What a cute letter you wrote, Liz! I LOVE writing to my kids!! Sounds/looks like it was a fun party :) Happy Birthday again!!!!

Andrea said...

Sounds like you are sure having fun raising that little girl. Actually all of your girls are so much fun. We really miss you guys.