Thursday, February 10, 2011

Erin's 6!

I am a few days late with this post but my little Erin just turned 6.  I can't believe she is this old (I can't believe I am that old...) We are having a super fun friend birthday party on Saturday and she is super duper excited.

Erin here is what is going on in your life.
1- You are in kindergarten and excelling.  You are a super reader, you love math and you have a great attitude about school.  You amaze me everyday with how smart you are.
2- You still say the funniest things and I love it.  The other day we were playing "I Spy" and I saw two people walking a dog.  So I said "I spy something with 4 legs."  You said. "The people."  I said "No, a person only has 2 legs, what is there between the two people?"  To which you answered, "4 legs!"  I couldn't argue that.
3- You are a great big sister.  You love to help out and you love to teach your sisters everything you know.  Although this sometimes turns into you bossing them:)
4- You have lost 2 teeth already and it thrills you.
5- You love being girly.  Dress ups and dolls make your world go round.
6- You have the most active imagination.  The stories you come up with are remarkable.  If I had to pick what you were going to be when you grew up, today, I would say you are going to be a writer.  You love to tell stories and you love words and their meanings and you make up plenty of your own too.
7- You love your hair! I was trying to convince you that next time we get it cut we should cut off enough to donate it to locks of love and you will have nothing to do with that.  You want Rapunzel hair.
8- Like most kids your age you could live on pizza.  You love it.  But you are a very good eater overall.  The only things I can't get you to eat is tomatoes and spicy food. 
9- Although this might sound vain, I believe you are breathtaking beautiful.  But most of that comes from the light that shines in your eyes.
10- You love to bear your testimony.  You have such a strong one and it just bursts out of you. I pray you never lose that.
11- I love you so much.  Thank you for being my daughter,

Happy Birthday monkey child!!!


Michael and Natalia said...

Oh, Liz! I almost got emotional reading #9. She truly is breathtakingly beautiful!!! I wish her everything she is dreaming of! Happy Birthday to Erin!

Bonnie said...

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, aahhh-ahhh-ah-ah. That's happy birthday, Erin, in monkey talk! :D

Andrea said...

All of your girls are breathtakingly beautiful. They must have good genes:) Kelsey has also lost two teeth, which I thought was early, but I guess not if Erin has too.

kimberlis korner said...

Are you stinkin" kidding me? You have a SIX year old???


Cute kids!