Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Laundry

Dear Baby:
We need to talk.  First let me say I love you bunches and I think you are adorable.  I love dressing you up and I love how cute clothes can bring out your personality.  But I am afraid your laundry is out of control.  Let me clarify, it isn't getting worse, I am just getting tired of it.
Now that cute grin of yours isn't going to deter me.  I just finished folding a load of your laundry and it took me an hour.  Yes one whole hour. Now granted during that hour I had to rescue from my bathroom and the old sticky blue hair gel you found meaning a change of your outfit.  Also during that hour you emptied the drawers that hold all your bibs and rags and place mats and during that hour you noticed I was trying to fold laundry and you did your best to knock piles of laundry off the couch as fast as you could so I would have to fold them again.
What are you laughing at?  I am serious.
You still don't think it's that bad huh?  Well just for you I made a list.  Here is what one load of laundry for you today contained:
10 socks that don't match up
6 pairs of socks (yes we need to have a discussion on what ever it is you do with your socks as well.)
2 pair of nylons
1 pair of mittens
1 hat
1 jacket
2 towels
1 changing table cover
1 blanket
10 rags
7 bibs
7 shirts
9 pants
2 skirts
11 white onesies
1 dress with bloomers
5 footed pj's
3 pj sets
also randomly your sister swimming suit and a pair of her shorts.  Where those came from I do not know.

You still think it's funny huh? Well we will see what you think if I stop doing your laundry.
You don't believe my threat?
Well fine neither do I but I am counting the days until you and your sisters can do your own laundry.


Britt said...

Where did you find that stinkin' cute dress?! And I agree, it matches her personality.

Natalie said...

Cute. Cute letter and adorable pictures. Something about that face tells me you're going to keep doing her laundry! :)

Liz said...

Britt I got it at target.

Michael and Natalia said...

cute post, cute baby!