Monday, January 24, 2011

My 100th post!

First off: I normally don't blog about things like this but I am so excited for this I just had too.  James has just been called to be the Ward Mission Leader.  So basically he will be meeting with the full time missionaries weekly and be working with people in our ward boundaries who are interested in the church.  I know that this is going to require a lot of time but I can see so many blessings that are going to come from this that I am excited.  I really think this is going to be a great thing for our family.

On a different note, guess what?  This is my 100th post!  Wow.  This has really been a journey for me and I love looking back through post.  I love my bloggy friends and all the things I have learned from your blogs as well.  I know it's kinda silly but I want to celebrate my 100th post.  And the only way I can think of to do that is to give something away.  I am just not sure what to giveaway.  So I will show you a few different things I am willing to giveaway and you comment which you would rather win. Than I will randomly pick a winner and you get what you wanted. 
So #1 is:
Pampered Chef Lemon Sprinkle and a Pampered Chef Seasons Best cookbook.
 Option #2: 3-5 Custom handmade hair bows.  (Small bows =5, large bows = 3, medium or a mix =4)
Here are some example of different bows I can do.

 Option 3: This cute wooden Dr. Suess Block.

Option #4:  You can pick something you know I can make as long as my price for it doesn't exceed $5 :)  Ideas could be a homemade goody or appliqued onseies/kids t-shirts.  Just be nice to me :)

So there you go. A giveaway that should make just about everyone happy.  I will randomly draw a winner one week from today (Monday Jan 31st). 


TiffanyM said...

Yea for blogging!! Congrats on the calling James!!! :) I need to be better at blogging! :) thanks for inspiration! PS i pick #1 :D

Ashley said...

Hey Liz. You are so cute. I have been reading posts from both of your blogs and enjoying them. I love all your creative crafts and goodness. Who is this Dr. Seuss baby shower for that you are putting together? Sure looks fun. I think I would love some of your cute bows and flowers!

Michael and Natalia said...

bow, bow, bow!!! Congrats on the new calling and on the 100th post! I love reading your blog!

...and a big THANK YOU for your kind and uplifting comments on mine!♥

Grandma Hurst said...

I want your hot fudge sauce for ice cream

Bonnie said...

Love your vlogs, Liz, and I love you too. Let's see, you were so good to me at Christmas, sewing up a storm for the little ones that it's hard to ask for anything more. But I'll force myself. :D
I'd like a surprise gift of your choosing for one of my awesome sisters, Julie.

McKenzie said...

you are too funny. i just feel bad having you ship me a fabulous prize that your giving away. oh and i have to tell you we have your friend article hanging on the fridge. that was super cool!!!

Janae said...

Everything is so choose! I love surprises.

Britt said...

Yes, I read your blog so you are NOT a loser. I would pick option #2. Or even just an instruction booklet on how to make them. I suck at bows. I really like the flower one. :)

Andrea said...

I don't Britt but I agree with everything she just are not a looser, I also like option 2 especially the flower.