Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

 Wow what a whirlwind life is.  Anyways here are a few Christmas Photos from this past year. 
This first one is at Erin Kindergarten program.  I only have this one because I trying to video record it, take pictures and take care of a baby, plus I was all the way in the back and couldn't see her half the time.  Lesson learned. Anyway she got to be a bell ringer.  Only 10 of 100+ kids got to ring the bells so she was super excited.  She sang her songs wonderfully and it was super cute.
 On Christmas Eve just after we finished dinner while we were watching a movie we heard some bells.  And lo and behold Santa was at our door making sure the girls were getting ready for him.  (This is my dad and he goes and visits all the grand kids.  I think it is his favorite part of Christmas.)

 Christmas morning...

 Erin and Lily decided they wanted Santa to have No Bake Cookies.  Neither James or I complained so the cookies were defiantly eaten.

It was a wonderful Christmas.  Of course (as always) I forgot my camera for the rest of the day.  but it is sufficient to say; We spent wonderful time with family, ate super yummy food and we were spoiled rotten.


Grandma Hurst said...

Love your new background.

Bonnie said...

Les adorables!