Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Year of Funnies

I have gone through all my face book status' of this year and many of them are funny things my children have said this year.  So to make these funny memories more permanent I am going to share them here.  I might share some that are just plain good memories too.

-I got a new dessert cookbook.  Erin wanted to know all the recipes.  When I cam across one that had coffee in it Erin exclaimed "Coffee is bad for you.  It will make you smoke."
-Erin was playing pretend like she was a mad queen and yells out "I am so mad!  Exclamation!
-Erin decided she wanted to make her own PB&J.  She worked really hard on it.  3 bites into it she said -"Mom, I am not an expert lunch maker like you are."
-Erin asked for a pet chameleon. I asked her why she wanted one and she replied she wanted to watch it change colors.  I then asked her if she wanted to clean it poop and feed it live crickets.  She thought about it for a moment then replied "Mom you can help!"
-Erin's quote of the day. "Butterflies are my favorite type of flies."
-Erin just informed me she wishes her name was, Pink Rose Flower Hurst.
-Darn you Uncles.  Erin is going around telling Lily to pull her finger.
-Erin had a bad dream last night.  She dreamt she got a cookie dough shake from Grannies and dropped it.
-I gave a talk about Relief Society in church today.  Now Erin is going around playing Relief Society.  At least someone listened :)
-I discovered Lily's biggest fear.  Flies.  I am not talking about running from them, I am talking about paralyzed with fear crying and screaming at the top of her lungs.  I feel bad but I can't help but laugh.
-Today Lily dumped a bowl of wheat flour all over her and Erin's bed.  Yesterday it was cups of water.  I guess I should be glad that they weren't on the same day.
-At the risk of sounding like a braggy parent, Lily was the best child in her gymnastics class today.  She is so physically talented.
-Day after Halloween: Lily has a dum dum in each hand and loving life.
-Lily's talking on the phone to daddy, "BOO! BOO! BOO!  Scare you daddy haha."
-Lily wants bubble gum pizza for dinner. Yum
-Part of motherhood is changing a babies diaper then changing it again 2 minutes later because she's had a blow out.
-There is a little shelf with colored flowers above Kaylee's changing table.  Every time I change her diaper she stares at it and smiles.  I love her smiles.
-I will take Kaylee giggling at my singing as a compliment.
-Kaylee's happy sound, "dadadada".  Kaylee's sad sound, Mmamamamamam"  I think this is unfair :)
-Why I love having girls. My strong military husband just said, " I think this time I will pick Aurora... Oh no I picked the wrong magic princess."
-I feel so blessed to have 3 wonderful little girls.  I just don't know how I got so lucky.
-Snuggling with Kaylee, smelling baby breath and kissing baby cheeks.  Can life get any better?
-Today's tip: always keep a few get well cards on display.  that way when company comes over they will think you have been sick and unable to clean.



Bonnie said...

This post was so much fun to read! Sing it now: The Hursts are a hap-py fam-i-ly.

Michael and Natalia said...

Liz, you can brag about your children any time!!! You really are lucky!