Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Re-evaluation and a BIG FAVOR

So as I have though about my blog this past week I had to think back to when I started my blog.  I really wasn't going to blog but then I read an ensign article that talked about sharing our testimonies with the world through blogging.  I felt an impression that I should do so.  At that time I prayed to Heavenly Father to please protect my family through this adventure.  Over time my blog has turned into a journal, but I still bear my testimony so...  I have decided to keep my blog public, and continue to strive to keep my side of the bargain and continue to pray for protection for my family.  So I am sorry about the going private scare.  Thanks for your support and love.

Now for a really big favor.  I have entered Kaylee into a cute baby photo contest and I want to win.  To do so I need the help of everyone I can get. So go and vote for her.  Here is the link.  To find Kaylee through the 1500 babies entered here's what you can do.  In the search box you can enter my e-mail address (lizzy_clarinet(at)hotmail(dot)com) or you can search her name.  Here is the picture you are looking for.

Since I have the most awesome family and friends in the world I am certain that if we pull together we can win.  But just in case I will bribe you a little too.   Part of the prize in a gift basket full of goodies valued to $500.  If I win it I will share the goodies with you.  Meaning I will do a giveaway on my blog.  So please go and vote for her.  Your support will be greatly appreciated! 
ps. I just saw a baby with 115 votes while Kaylee only has 8.  So we got to move it move it, come on and move it move it.


McKenzie said...

okay i just voted!!! she is so cute!

Andrea said...

Can you vote only once or can you vote every day? I went on and voted yesterday, but if you can vote more I will do so.

Liz said...

you can vote every day I think. I am not sure though it seems kinda random about letting people vote. My moms voted 4 times and me only twice. Thanks I love ya!

Jocelyn said...

i know what you mean about blogging, it can be scary to put your life out there, but what a testimony builder. I have quite a following on my own blog due to my son Brock being born with clubfoot. just about every month I have a new visitor to my blog just to read about what Brock went/ continues to go through. I have made some good blogging friends that way and love the comments I get from them often about random moments in my life. I have had a few not so nice comments, but I just changed it so I had to review their comments before they post, also on a side note My mom did a google search for temple pictures the other day and my wedding picture came up! how cool is that?