Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun at the State Fair

I love the fair.  Something about it excites me like I am a little girl again.  So naturally I have to take my kids to the fair right?  And on Saturday Sept. 11th we got in for free with the military.  So my parents and my sister and her family all packed up and went.  I loved it (and hated it too).  Saturday was just super busy and we got their later than we wanted to.  But there were some really good fun parts so I am choosing to remember those not the stressful chaotic parts.  So here are some fun things we did.
They had this awesome exhibit for kids that was super fun and cute. The girls put on little aprons and gathered a basket.
Then they fed a cow and milked him.
They picked apples from trees.
Then planted and harvested from a garden.
They rode tractors.
And so much more like sheering a sheep and gathering eggs.  At the end they turned in all the things they reaped from their farm and got a "dollar" which they then went to the "store" and bought a treat. 
If you ask Erin and Lily what their highlight was they will tell you it was the Ferris wheel.  Erin saw one at a little fair early this year and has been begging ever since to go on one.  I told her she could choose one ride at the fair to go on and that is what she chose.  Erin had the choice of who she wanted to ride with and she chose my dad.  So Lily and I rode together.  I tell you Lily didn't stop giggling the whole time.  She LOVED it.
After this I stopped taking pictures but we saw all the animals and walked through some other displays.  We signed the girls up to do mutton bustin at the rodeo but they didn't get picked from the lottery.  Maybe next year.  At the end of the night we found another really cool display that was hands on science stuff for kids and adults to play with.  The girls loved it and had fun there as well.  Through the chaos we never got a chance to buy a fair treat but I am sure that in the long run that is better for us :)
I can't wait till next year.

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Bonnie said...

Oooh, I love going to the fair too. Maybe it's genetic? But the ferris wheel is waaaay too tame for the likes of this family. :)