Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Dirty Dash

This Saturday James participated in a race.  This race was unlike any race I've seen.  It was the Dirty Dash.  Basically he ran 10k through mud and tunnels, and over walls and hay bales.  And at the end he was dirty.  One of the other fun things about it as well is he ran it with my brother so they got enjoy the mud together.

You would never guess what his bib number was.
 I told him that no matter what he could tell people he was #1

Since he was going to play in the mud he decided to look the part.
 What a nice clean pig.

Well they're off.  Up a nice muddy hill to begin with.

A little later they were jumpin over this wall.

Towards the end they got to go down this fun slide.

Here is James and my brother making a mad dash for the end. Okay maybe not so much mad as it was tired.

I can no longer really tell who is who but I think James is climbing out of the mud on the left.

He lost the pig snout but he looks like he's been rolling in the mud.

Yes please shower off before getting in the car.

 Ahh that looks much better.

Well maybe....
Anyways it looked like a totally fun race.  They are doing a 5k in the spring and I think I am going to join that one.


Britt said...

I wonder if I could get Spencer to do something like that!

Natalie said...

looks a little... dirty :)

Bonnie said...

I luv mud. Sometimes. So you don't think you'll ever do the Dirty Dash with them, Liz? :)