Friday, May 21, 2010

Erin's Preschool Graduation

I can't believe my little girl is done with preschool.  I can't believe that she is going to kindergarten in just a few short months.  I love my stink bug and I am wondering who gave her permission to grow up? Well here are a few hightlights.  First I must mention that she literaly bounced out of bed this morning and was hyper with excitement. 
They sang songs and danced and were just so cute.

Erin got so excited that a few times she would bounce out of her seat.
All the kids shared what they had learned that year.  They had learned great things like their ABC's and 123's. Erin learned "how to eat snack properly."
Oh I just love this girl and can't believe how big she is.  She cracks me up on a constant basis.  She is so ready for kindergarten.  She can read simple books, if we ask her how to spell simple words she sounds them out and can spell them, she loves to count and is adding on her fingers.  She loves doing work books and anything that expands her mind. 
Well I must go and cry over the fact that my girl is so big.


MetalForever said...

That is so fun. I'll bet she felt so big. Is she excited for Kindergarten? Is Kinderten full or half day there, I can't remember. It is full day here, but Kelsey still has one more year before I have to worry about that.

Andrea said...

By the way, "Metal Forever" I guess is Matt's google account. I didn't realize he was signed in.

Michael and Natalia said...

enjoy every moment, Liz. they grow up too fast (Erin looks older/mature in that official black outfit)

Bonnie said...

Aw, don't cry, Liz. There's so much ahead to look forward to! :)