Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Good The Bad andThe Cute and a little Ugly

We have had a crazy few weeks. I really could do multiple post but my brain doesn't work that way so its alllll going in this one.
First some good. We bought a piano!!! I love it. We bought it from a guy who refurbishes pianos so it's like new but at a used price. Everything about it is beautiful. The feel of it, the sound of it and we got lucky because it looks beautiful as well. Erin is ecstatic over it. So we went to the local music store and bought some piano books and I have started teaching her how to play. We have done 2 lessons thus far and she is soaking it all in. She loves to sit and practice and she loves to just play whatever and sing. Lily loves to do that too.

See I told you it was beautiful!

Now some more good and hopefully cute. Erin, Lily and I celebrated St Patties day by getting hair cuts. (Thats a celebration right?) Anyways for the first time in my life I have a long hair cut. I am still not sure what I think of it, but I think I like it. This was also Lily's first hair cut. she was excited and loved it. Erin was way over due on a hair cut (well we all were thats how I got long hair) and we cut like 5 inches off.

Yes this is after we cut 5 inches off.
Okay now for some bad ugly and end with good. Bad: My beautiful children broke two of my windows.

Ugly: water gathered in between the broken panes and began to grow a science experiment.
Not necessarily ugly, but not pretty either: The way our old windows looked outside.Good: New beautiful windows. They also have some really great features, like they can open on both sides, the screen moves, I can take them out easily to clean them but they are more secure from outside and harder to break into. Also they are guaranteed so if my beautiful children break them again we don't have to buy new ones.

Cute and then bad: I was working on smocking the girls Easter dresses and looked up to see daddy and the three girls. So cute.But lets take a close look at Lily. Oh no it is 7 o-clock and Lily is asleep. This is highly unusual. Plus she got a fever. Darn it Lily has strep.

Plus when we had Lily checked we had this little one looked over too. She had a runny nose and a cough. Well this poor babe has RSV. Darn it. Best part is she now has a 60% chance of getting asthma. Oh I sure am going to pray for her.

Ugly: I woke up one Saturday morning recently covered in a rash head to toe and itching like crazy! I immediately went to the doctor. Apparently I have some food allergy. To what? We have no clue. Thankfully it hasn't happened since and I pray that it wont. My mom and my darling husband were both hoping I was allergic to the somoas I had eaten the day before so they could finish them off, but I am very happy to say it was not my precious samoa cookies.

Good: The good thing about dad doing school on-line is he can take the baby with him to school.

Cute: Yes my children sure are cute


McKenzie said...

they are so cute!

Ashley said...

I don't think I have ever seen your hair that long. You should have posted a before pictures. It looks great on you and your girls look great too.

Janae said...

Your girls are ADORABLE! Especially that one of James holding Lilly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE smooshed up baby lips.

And your hair cut? DARLING! You look so cute.

Jocelyn said...

adorable girls. Are they sure it's and allergy?most things they label as allergies tend to be just an intolerance. I got hives all the time when I was in elementary school after eating garlic, but within a year had grown out of it, or should i say my body got used to garlic and tolerated it. anyway hope it's not to serious and hope your girls are feeling better so.

Rosander said...

Your kids really are cute, and there have been many days I wanted to send the girls to work with Kris, but no such luck, that's great that James his doing on line stuff! Love your hair!

Andrea said...

I am so jealous of your new piano. How fun for all of you! I also love your hair.
By the way, when will you find out if you join the awesomeness here in Texas?

Julie said...

your piano really is nice, your hair looks great and so do the windows, and those darling girls are ardorable and the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!

Britt said...

That IS a lot for one post. Love the piano, the haircuts are great, sorry about the window and yes, you have a very cute family! :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Wow - that's been some eventful couple of weeks!

The Maez Mommy said...

Oh my goodness your girls are so BIG - and I just LOVE your newest little addition! Sounds like you've had quite the adventure! Life sure is busy when you have little ones around! I like the long hair on you too - you look good!