Monday, December 14, 2009


I have a bit of an addiction. It is called reading. This might not sound like a bad addiction but believe me any addiction can be bad. You see when I read a book the world around me can fall apart. My children are fed and only sometimes dressed when I am reading a book.

With that being said I have made modifications to my love of reading so I can be a better mother. Before I begin a book the house must be clean, I must have homemade freezer meals in the freezer to feed my family and there must be absolutely nothing important happening in the next few days (depending on the length of the book.) Thankfully most the books I read only take a day or two.

Anyways the reason I am writing this is because my mother asked me to do a post with some book reviews because she can never remember the books I have recently suggested to her. So I am going to post some of my favorites (at least most recent favorites) right now.

First my favorite book at the moment is The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. This is an excellent book filled with so much good and adventure it makes me want to burst. It is about a girl who lives in a small mining town. It is prophesied that the next princess (the girl who will marry the prince) will come from this town. So all the girls are pulled out of the life they know and must attend a Princess Academy to learn how to behave like a princess. Between a very mean head mistress and bandits who take all the girls for hostage, Miri (the main girl) must figure out how to save them all. Okay the book is much better than what I just made it sound like. I really even think boys would enjoy it if they could get over the title. It has a subtle hint of fantasy in it which makes it thoroughly magical. Other books I would suggest by Shannon Hale include The Goose Girl (it is a series), Book of a Thousand Days, and a non young adult book called Austinland.

Next on my fav list at the moment is a series called Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. These are not young adult books may I first say. but they are excellent. They are in the fantasy genre but would fit beautifully with adventure. These books are filled with magnificent twists and turns. I say magnificent because the more you think about the twists and turns the more you like them and the more meaningful they become, unlike other books (Dan Brown cough cough) where when you think about twists and turns the less sense they make and kinda ruin the book for you. I am not even going to give you a synopsis of these books because I can't even come close to giving them justice. just take my word for it, they are well worth it. Other books by Brandon Sanderson are Elantris, and Warbreaker.

Next I am going to talk about an author who has never let me down. Each time I read one of her books I am thoroughly impressed. There have been some movies made from some of her books and to that I say boo! The movies are very unimpressive. The author is Kate DiCamillo. My favorite book of hers just might be The Tale of Desperaux (remember the movie is blah the book is Rah!) As I would suggest any book written by her some of my other favorites are The Tiger Rising, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. She also wrote Because of Winn Dixie which is a very fun and good read as well.

Okay I have probably rambled on enough for one post. But there are many more I would love to share with you (if anyone cares). I am also always looking for another great book to read so let me know what some of your favorites are.
Next to review: Artemis Fowl, Stargirl, and Fablehaven.


Bonnie said...

Good reviews, Liz. I just finished a book by Betsy Green Brannon that Michelle loaned me. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a lot, and I was pleasantly surprised! It's called Hearts In Hiding, and it's the first in a series. Try it and see what you think.

Britt said...

I've also read a few Betsy Brannon books and enjoyed them. I just finished reading and book called "City of Bones" that I found interesting and couldn't put down and I also got a book called "the Hourglass Door" for Christmas that I can't wait to read. (I have to take a few days break between books so the house doesn't fall apart:))

Did I mention "The Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins? AWESOME! And you may also like the author, Robin McKinley.