Friday, October 30, 2009

Quick prep for Nov.

Last year I blogged about this at the end of Nov. This year I will do it before Nov starts so all who want can join. Each day we do something different to remind us of our blessings and give thanks . With this we donate a small amount of money to a jar. For example if you are thankful for electricity give 2 cents for every light bulb in your house.
At the end of the month it is a good chunk of change and we use that to help bless someone else's life. This year James' family is going to provide Christmas for another family instead of doing a gift exchange so it will assuredly go to help out in that cause. Here is a link to the blog last year so you can review it and see if it is something you and your family would like to do. I know it made Thanksgiving mean a lot more to me last year.

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Andrea said...

Thanks Liz, we are going to do it!!!