Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Great October Weekend

What a fun weekend we had. We did all sorts of fun Halloween things and fall activities.

On Friday the girls and I and a group of moms and kids from the ward went to the Benson Grist Mill for their pumpkin walk. They have lots of fun little things for kids to do. The girls decorated cookies and fished in the fish pond and trick or treated at the vendors. We had fun with the neighbors and finished off with a fun little hay ride.
I was impressed with Erins cookie. They had run out of all decorations besides the licorice and she kept asking for something to make the eyes and nose on her cookies. After me telling her there wasn't anything she figured out a solution.

That night for dinner I needed to practice a recipe I am doing at a pampered chef party so we had a Yummy Mummy for dinner. It was yummy and I think it turned out pretty cute as well.

Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins. It sure was fun to walk and see all the pumpkins. They had a big corn field in the middle that Lily loved to run through. (Erin was to afraid because James kept telling her there were monsters in there.)

We also got the wood on our garden beds re-weather proofed to make it through the winter and picked our 1 pumpkin from the garden.

I sure love this time of year and all the fun activities there are to do.


Andrea said...

I think that the pumpkin walk is better than the carnival that I went to. I also really miss the pumpkin patch. Way to make me feel sad Liz! I love the pic of all the girls at the pumpkin walk entrance. I have two just like that (from the two years that I went). It will be fun to look back at how they have grown.

McKenzie said...

Impressive cookie! She did great. I agree this a great time of year!

Britt said...

That sounds a lot more fun than Barnyard Boo; that was lame. Looks like you did have tons of fun and it's always better when you can spend time with family and friends!