Thursday, June 18, 2009

June's Joys

What fun the Month of June is. It has always been one of my favorite (probably because that's when school got out and its my b-day), but I love this month for many other reasons too. This June has lived up to my expectations, here are some of the things I love.
1: Roses. I have 8 beautiful rose bushes and they are so beautiful this time of year.

2- Gardens. I got my first vegetable garden planted this year and I am way excited.
3- Little Lily. She turned 2 this month. She is getting so big(in her mind at least) and just dang cute. I love my little Lil.

Her b-day cake was a ball. Balls are her favorite thing in the world.

4- Family vacations. my whole family( Mom, Dad all my siblings etc) went to Yellowstone. It was a blast. We stopped by bear world in Idaho as well.

Mammoth hot springs was a bit of a hike(which Lily did by herself). But it sure was beautiful.

This is artist paintpots. I found pools of red, orange, green and blue. (Another little hike that Lily did too.)

Boiling mud

Old Faithful

Lily and cousin Ivy playing while waiting for old faithful.

Some family pics at Yellowstone.

I sure have enjoyed June.

Thanks to a wonderful family that made a fun vacation, thanks to Sweet Little Lily for turning 2 and Thanks to my Father in Heaven for beauty and nature all around.


Andrea said...

Wow, great post! I loved all of the pictures. Way to go on all of that gardening. How did you make Lily's birthday cake? That looks complicated.

Ashley said...

What a fun month. That cake does look hard to make, a ball! How did you do it? That is so fun you all went on a family trip to Yellowstone; I would love to do that soon.

Liz said...

The cake was really easy, I had a pan that makes a ball. I love when easy things look hard!!!

joanna said...

that cake does look great! happy birthday to lily(it goes too fast).
i love all your yellowstone pictures, so fun that you went with your whole family!
(hope july is just as fun!)