Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick updates

I have been bad lately about blogging, I haven't even checked blogs or left comments for awhile. I have no good excuses besides insanity catching up with me. So here is just a quick run down of whats been happening this month.
James is working hard at work and doing well. In his free time he is researching fish tank set ups and working on getting his set up. When he is all done I will post some pictures. He is also busy with home repairs, this month our sprinklers broke, our toilet broke our microwave broke we have a broken window, and the girls dresser broke so all of those are keeping him busy as well.
Erin had her 1st dance recital that was really cute. She was very concerned with locating us and waving at us in the audience that she barley had time to dance:) She also finished her first year of pre-school. She has loved school and keeps asking when she can go to kindergarten. It breaks her heart that she has to wait for another year.
Lily has qualified for speech therapy. I am not terribly concerned about her speech, but she is behind. I figure if there really is a problem it is better to have early intervention then for her to have to be pulled out of classes all through elementary for it. When they came out to qualify her for speech they tested many aspects of her development and determined that she is physically performing like a 32month old child. Keep in mind that she is 23 months old. This confirmed all of my fears. Her speech was at a 13 month olds level.
I have been enjoying sending the girls outside and working on getting a vegetable garden started. I have also started a business venture and decided to become a Pampered Chef consultant. I did this because 1- I love there products and I want them all. 2 Because it will be really nice to get out of the house one night a week. And 3- A little extra income never hurts. I have had two parties so far and they have been so fun.
Also James' brother got married, we had an over night drill and we've been busy planning for a family vacation next week.
So our crazy life goes on and on.


Natalie said...

Sounds like you guys sure have been busy! It was fun to see you and especially your cute girls on Monday!

Bonnie said...

Liz, your life doesn't sound crazy, and you don't sound insane to me. This is just how life is! Get used to it, and enjoy it.