Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grandma Smith

My wonderful Grandma Smith passed away this morning. She was a wonderful women. She lived in Georgia so I haven't seen her very often, but all of my memories of her are filled with love, and laughter. I remember playing at her home. I remember being there with my siblings and cousins playing "eenie i over" and eating fresh berries and telling each other stories about alligators in the pond. I remember her letting my sister and I play in her cloths and jewelry and make up to make ourselves beautiful. She always spoiled us rotten and had jars of candy all over her house. My brother lived with her for a few years and she helped whip him into shape so he would go on a mission. She was always kind and full of love. She was also one of the most grateful people I have known. I love her dearly and I will miss her, but I am grateful that she is again with Grandpa Smith and other family, and her mind is fully restored to what it once was. She worked at a small newspaper as an proof reader and she was better at crossword puzzles than any one I know.
God Be With You Till We Meet Again!


These Are The Days said...

That's a very sweet post. Grandma's are just so darn special!

Bonnie said...

A wonderful grandma, and a doubly wonderful mother! Like you, Liz, I'm going to miss her, but I can't help but be happy for her to be free from physical limitations at last, roaming about the heavens with her sweetheart and other loved ones.

Natalie said...

What a beautiful tribute. Our sympathies are with you.