Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crazy Crazy Life

It feels like forever since I have been on the computer. My Internet threw a MAJOR temper tantrum. So here is just a quick update.
First off I am exhausted. We got the puppy on Jan 5th and named her Ruby. I knew she would be a lot of work, but this is crazy. I really should have waited until James got home. She is cute and smart and very playful, but most of all she is work. Its like having a new born baby that has really sharp teeth, isn't wearing a diaper and can run all over the place.
Stomach flu. This is one of the worst things to have to go through and I do not wish it upon my worst enemy, especially when it is you and your two children going through it and you have a blasted puppy to take care of.
Also I have been going to my parents once a week to help my dad out with his businesses. He is an amazingly hard worker and I look up to him so much. It does look like he is going to have to go through Chemo here soon, so please keep praying for him.
Here's the best thing: I am counting down the weeks till James is home!!! 5 more weeks hip hip hooray! And when he gets home we are going to spoil ourselves and go to Hawaii.
Well that's my crazy life for now. Hopefully I will have a better update soon. Even through all this craziness I recognize the Lord blessing me and my family. I am grateful for the strength he has given me to get through this all.


Britt said...

So sorry about the puppy. That's the reason I won't let Spencer get one. I'm so happy for you that James gets to come home soon! For some reason I thought he didn't get home until April. And Hawaii! I'm jealous. Warm weather, the beach, warm weather, fresh air, warm weather, etc. Aahhh, I can almost feel it.

Natalie said...

That does sound like a crazy, crazy life! Yuck, yuck and more yuck...

But 5 weeks! Yay!

These Are The Days said...

You poor thing. We are praying for your dad and your whole family. Hang in there.

Lance and Nicole said...

We just got a new puppy this week too and it is crazy! Potty training is so hard, and crate training at night isn't much better either. Plus Jace is just really starting to walk non-stop and that complicates things for sure. I feel your pain!

I'm so sorry about your dad. When I was younger my dad had cancer and went through chemo. It was a very difficult time for all of us, but you can get through it!

Have fun in Hawaii! I'm jealous, for sure!

Eggett Family said...

yay!! I'm glad your back. I feel the puppy pain. But Hey look at all the good things coming up. You are amazing. Glad you get to have James home soon.

Katheryn Wiederhold said...

Oh that is so fun you and James are going to hawaii. Lucky you! You so deserve it!!

Ashley said...

I am glad to hear from you. Sorry about the craziness. I definitely couldn't do a puppy, kids are hard enough, so you are brave, strong and amazing. I bet your girls love Ruby. Cute name too!

Maybe I should send my husband away for a while so that we can have a good excuse to celebrate in Hawaii when he's back. :) I have never been. I am excited for your near reunion and trip!