Sunday, October 19, 2008


I need help. It is time to start planning enrichment activities for next year, but our ward has struggled with the mini groups. So I would like to know what you have done or seen done in your ward and liked. Any suggestions are most welcomed. Thanks!


kimberlis korner said...

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Enrichment ideas? Have you done the
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Britt said...

In our ward, once a month we have a recipe swap. Everyone brings a dish coordinating with a theme and the recipe. We also have card swaps. Every Wednesday we have play group for moms and kids. IN the winter it's held at the church. We also have a jogging group and aerobics class. They are all lots of fun. Good Luck!

Jocelyn said...

book club has been a big hit in my ward. We are pretty spread out but there are about 10-15 girls who always show up, We also started a playgroup for us women with younger kiddos for 1 hour every wednesday, at different places, sometimes a local park and we alternate houses. I'm going to be doing a file folder group, where we get together maybe every other month and put together file folder games/FHE packets for our little tikes. but you could also send around a list to see what people are interested in and then go from there! have fun planning!

Rosander said...

Ok we had such a fun one. It was a "Favorite Things" modeled after Oprahs favorite things. Every one sent in there favorite things so a list was written up and ready to go, one for everyone to take home. Then the night of everyone brought one of there favorite things. The RS did purchase a few things incase someone didn't bring something, but every one brought one of there favorite things to share (give away) I took Magic eraser and windex wipes, but there were people that brought treats, plants, crafts, and the list goes on and on. I have a copy if you want to barrow it. It was so much fun and I came away with some really cool things that I have started to use because of it... like Borax didn't even know it existed, Love it. Any way such a fun idea. Good luck.

Trilea said...

My ward has a hard time with mini groups. Meaning, besides book club and getting together in the park once in a while it really doesn't happen. So our presidency does a mini mini enrichment. Learning something one night at someones house. So they have done one night some simple Hawaiian recipes, a month later they did a jewelery night, etc. this helped the women who couldn't commit to a lengthy book club but wanted to get out once in a while.