Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hair Bows

I have started a hairbow blog. I am excited about it. I have been making and experimenting with bows for a while, and I am finally really happy with what I am making. I started making bows because I wasn't willing to pay what I saw others asking. Since I am not willing to pay that uch, I am also not willing to charge that much, so my bows are much cheaper than I have seen other places. I am also willing to customize to what you want, I do have a large number already made to choose from as well. I hope you all enjoy them and tell your friends. The blog address is There is also a link on this blog to it.


Natalie said...

Very cute Liz! I've been making lots of bows for Hannah too. Its so fun.

I'm glad I discovered your blog! Thanks for finding mine too and leaving comments! Its sure fun to see what you are up to!
Love ya,
cousin Natalie

Eggett Family said...

Liz, I found your blog!! And I agree your bows are dang cute. you do a good job. today was fun at the pumpkin walk. have a good weekend.

Brianne said...

me and rachel think alike!! I remembered your blog address too and wanted to see it!! I love your bows!! You will have to teach me how to make them!! I commented twice on your blog!! :)

Rosander said...

These are so cute. I love them.